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Celebrating Jenny’s 10 year anniversary at Quanta

Jenny Latham our consultant managing the role
Posted by Jenny Latham
Published on 18 April 2023

The year is 2013, our future King – Prince George – is born, Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, and Quanta notes a momentous occasion much closer to home: Jenny Latham joins Quanta.

This April 8th, we celebrate a fantastic work anniversary and brilliant person all round. For 10 years, Jenny has been a key driving force within our Delivery unit, helping candidates find their dream jobs around the world and supporting some of the most exciting Life Sciences projects on the market.

We sat down and chatted to her about her time at Quanta.

Why did you join Quanta?

After working for a recruitment consultancy in London for 6 or 7 years I became quite tired of the London commute and wanted to find a career close to home. The final straw really was when I was hit by a car on my lunchbreak on a busy London Road! The recovery process was long, and it really put me off working in the city again.

I saw the advertisement for Quanta and got in touch. My first meeting with Dave was only supposed to be 30 minutes or so but we stayed chatting for over an hour. My black eyes as a result of the car accident were a bit of a talking point! And then on my second interview I met some of the team as well as the CEO at the time, Stephen. Something just felt right, and here I am 10 years on. 

"I have been fortunate enough to work with Jenny directly at various stages of her Quanta career and Jen should be so very proud of her achievements over the past decade. She is quite simply brilliant at everything she does. When I first met Jenny, I was taken aback by how she confronted challenges and overcame them. In my eyes, a real inspiration of somebody who never quits. Jump forward to today, she continues to inspire.

Jenny is one of the most talented recruitment professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. I and the whole Quanta family thank you her the past 10 years and look forward to many more years ahead."

- David Broome, CEO

What is your role at Quanta?

I have a split role here at Quanta – acting as both a Delivery Executive (DE) and Account Support. I joined as a DE3 because I had quite significant experience. Initially, I supported lots of Life Sciences projects in the DACH region where Quanta had quite a lot of work at the time. My team members that were hired around the same time had second or third languages, but my recruitment experience was got my foot in the door, and we became a really tight unit. It was at the time where the delivery team as a unit was in its infancy, so I’ve been a part of its whole journey to where it is today!

I’ve also worked on some incredible projects in India, UK, and Ireland, which I became account support for. Right now, I am working hard as account support for a big project we have in Denmark. I feel so lucky to have been put on big projects doing volume recruitment – and flattered that Quanta trust me to do it!

What do you love most about your job?

Can I say everything? I am so lucky that in my jobs I get the best of both worlds; as a DE I get to work competitively, but I also have the luxury of working with the wider team as Account Support, using my organisation (and bossiness!) to drive the candidate sourcing activities. I think something I have always loved is the fact that Quanta have allowed me to find my own way and work in a way that suits not only me but the business too. And I get to laugh my head off every single day whilst I’m at it.

"I have worked with Jenny for 10 years and she is a fantastic colleague. Her work ethic is amazing, she is diligent and has great attention to detail. She is also one of the funniest people I have met. We spend most of our time laughing at and with each other at work and outside of work. You could also not meet a kinder person who would do anything for anyone she cares about.

Great colleague, better friend, fantastic recruiter. "

- Caroline O'Sullivan, Global Business Manager

What is your proudest moment at Quanta?

I’ve won a few ‘DE of the Year’ awards, but I think the one I am most proud of is winning it during the pandemic year. The world had completely fallen apart; our projects had stopped, and it meant that I needed to fully get back into my DE roots. I didn’t have half the role that I was used to, and the world was turning on its head, but at Quanta we cracked on. I managed to outperform myself and it was one of my best years yet, which was incredible. And then the directors turned up on our doorsteps to hand us our awards alongside chocolates and champagne. It is a testament to the hard work that Quanta puts in too. During the pandemic, we could have been furloughed but we knew we had a responsibility to our candidates and clients, and we couldn’t let them down. It feels incredible to be in the position we are as a business now.

What is your best memory?

There are far too many! It feels like such a long time that I have been part of the team, and every time Quanta hosts a new event it feels like we managed to top the last! Any of the Portugal trips have been standout experiences. And secret Santa has always been a riot. Everyone I get to work with is just so funny – there isn’t a single boring soul in the company.

I have had some amazing Irish business trips too. Me and Guy have very fond memories of a little Irish café next to one of our clients in Dublin. And the Christmas parties we get to throw over in Ireland are unforgettable. 

"When it comes to the management and engagement of our candidates here at Quanta, Jenny’s level of service is second to none. This is clear to see across the numerous projects we have supported, whether it is in Ireland or India, Jenny will always go above and beyond to ensure our candidates and clients get the service they deserve.

Jenny, thank you for doing such a great job over the last 10 years, you have been instrumental in our success, and I look forward to the next 10."

- Ben Alger, Chief of Sales

Where have you seen Quanta’s values in action?

Every day. Quanta makes sure you enjoy what you do – it’s just impossible not to. They are really invested in our career development and training which is so unlike most other places out there. Spence and Dave have taken on Stephen’s legacy too. They come into work, have a chuckle with us all, work incredibly hard and pave the way for us. There is a risk in recruitment that you can get overly serious because of the high-pressure environment, but at Quanta we manage to strike the balance really well: work hard, be great at what we do, and have so much fun whilst we’re doing it.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone wanting to join Quanta?

Just do it. You won’t look back!

"Jen is amazing – so many laughs together over the years and a good friend to have! Remembers candidates from years ago and is extremely thorough in her job. Terribly posh and uses really big words!! 😊    

Congratulations Jennique on your 10 years!!!"

- Wendy Pearson, Delivery Executive


"I have worked with Jenny for coming up to 10 years now. The last 2.5 of which Jenny has directly supported me and the team delivering highly skilled consultants to one of our key strategic projects over in Denmark. Jenny’s role is invaluable for me and the team in supporting the efforts from HQ and coordinating much of the delivery from our side.

It is fair to say I would probably lost without Jenny’s support over the last period and her diligence and organisation has ensured we continue to do the amazing work we do. She is my real “work boss”.

Jenny is the only person I have ever met who would purchase a ham and cheese sandwich at lunchtime and remove the ham.. So strange… But all would agree she is amazing at what she does and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Interesting fact: She hates to be called “Jenny” so she’s going to love this! 😊

Congrats on the 10 years Jen!"

Tom Gorton, Divisional Head – Life Sciences