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Life Science CapEx projects to keep an eye on in North Carolina

Annabel Nangle our consultant managing the role
Published on 13 April 2023

2022 was a fantastic year for North Carolina’s Life Science scene. As one of North America’s top 5 hubs for the industry, the aftermath of a global pandemic spurred unprecedented growth into the region, particularly in biological product manufacturing and clinical research.

Even as the world falls back into normalcy, the Life Sciences industry could not be further from this reality. Increased demand on the drugs and vaccine market means new projects and expansions unfolding across North Carolina. The NC Biotechnology Centre reported 33 new project announcements totalling $2.1 billion in investment and promising 2700 new life sciences jobs.

So, amidst this fantastic investment in the state, what are the most exciting CapEx projects to keep an eye on?

Eli Lilly – Concord

In early 2022, Eli Lilly announced a $1 billion investment into a new manufacturing facility in Concord, North Carolina, generating approximately 600 new jobs within manufacturing, engineering and science disciplines. The end facility will utilise the latest technology to manufacture injectable products and devices.

Concord was selected by the pharmaceutical company after careful consideration, with the skilled local workforce being the driving force behind their decision.

Getting the infrastructure and facility up and running is expected to generate 500 further jobs, which is promising news for contractors in the area looking for construction work.

Fujifilm – Raleigh-Durham

Fujifilm are in the midst establishing a brand-new cell culture manufacturing facility within the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Home to more than 600 life sciences organisations, the research triangle park region is a hot location for start-ups and establishing new manufacturing facilities.

This latest purchase for Fujifilm is a momentous accolade to add to their portfolio, with the investment set to triple the company’s capacity for liquid cell culture media production.

Over 100 new jobs will be created on site, with bioprocessing engineers, manufacturing, production and logistics personnel its biggest priority.

Novo Norodisk – Clayton

Already established in 3 locations within the Research Triangle region, Novo Norodisk is expanding their manufacturing capabilities in their existing Clayton facility. 104 acres of land was bought to make room for the expansion. Producers of some of the market’s leading diabetes and obesity medication, increased demand in this market has put pressure on the company to increase their manufacturing.

Millions of dollars in investment is expected, alongside the creation of more than 700 jobs in the predicted 12-year development project. The facility will focus on producing and packaging tablets for an oral GLP-1 treatment or type 2 diabetes.

Why is investment in North Carolina’s life science industry growing?

2021 and 2022 were record years for life sciences, and although pressure on the industry has started to peter out in 2023, demand for laboratory and research and development space is still much higher than pre-pandemic levels. Because of this, companies are turning to expansions or adding new facilities to their portfolio.

This is where North Carolina stands out. Compared to other leading Life Sciences hubs throughout the country, North Carolina benefits from land space, readymade skilled workforce and enticing business incentives to invest through NC Biotech.

Ranked the number 1 state for business by Forbes and three Tier 1 research universities in the state, there’s no wonder that North Carolina is the number one location to invest in new biomanufacturing and clinical research facilities.

Why should you consider working a Life Sciences job in North Carolina?

With its understated Southern charm, growing economy and diverse natural beauty, North Carolina is fast becoming a top destination for young professionals and growing families to settle down. The state is frequently voted in the top places to live and work in the country, and for those seeking life sciences jobs, you couldn’t be more spoilt for choice than the 730 bioscience organisations that operate here.

The state packages bustling, urban cities and neighbourhoods with mountain ranges, waterfalls and beautiful beaches that stretch across its 300-mile coastline. Suffice to say, striking a comfortable work life balance in the region is not a difficult task.  

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