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What it Takes to be a Data Centre Design Manager

Becky  Daly our consultant managing the role
Posted by Becky Daly
Published on 15 May 2023

Data centre jobs are becoming more prominent as the value of data centres continues to grow around the world. Already, the global data centre market is expected to reach $517.17 billion in value by 2030!

There are many essential roles involved with creating and maintaining data centres, and several of them are supported by the key efforts of Data Centre Design Managers. If you are looking to find a role as a Design Manager in this field, you might be interested in learning what it takes to qualify for these positions in today’s job market. Let’s explore the essential qualifications for data centre design management.

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What is a Data Centre Design Manager?

Data Centre Design Managers are leadership professionals who assist with a wide range of internal and external data centre projects. These experts oversee teams of relevant data centre staff to ensure that projects are completed as quickly and accurately as possible.

Design Manager work is often related to leadership, project management, quality assurance, and adherence to corporate and legal standards. As a Data Centre Design Manager, you will be responsible for supporting other data centre design jobs. The nature of these jobs may vary depending on the company, customers, and business size.

Common Qualifications for Data Centre Design Manager Roles

Companies often have unique preferences when hiring for different positions. However, Data Centre Design Managers generally have a clear set of core skills and rely on certain types of expertise to succeed in this role and align with business goals. This career path supports other data centre design jobs, allowing Design Managers to play a big part in the future of a growing market.

Let’s explore some of the more common qualifications…

Educational Background

When pursuing a role in a technical field, education is a very important success factor. For anyone looking to enter the data centre market as a Design Manager, having a relevant degree can play an essential role in determining whether or not you will meet the expected requirements for a position. Most companies are seeking someone with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering , Technology , or another relevant field.

Industry Experience

Although education is important, industry experience can also be an acceptable equivalent . Years of industry experience can qualify you for a Design Manager role, even without a college degree in many cases.

Existing experience working in roles pertaining to data centres , engineering and design, project management, and leadership can all be highly beneficial. Many companies are also looking for individuals with experience in mission-critical sectors who understand high-risk services.

High-Level Technical Skills and Expertise

There are many broad and specific skills that make a great Data Centre Design Manager. However, a few specific skills can really help you to stand out.

Top-performing Design Managers often have the following skills and expertise:

● Strong technical analysis (particularly relating to data centres)

● Fast-paced problem solving

● General engineering knowledge and capabilities

● An understanding of the design lifecycle (RIBA stages)

● Time management and team scheduling

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Leadership Qualities

Design Managers play an essential role in leading the teams responsible for creating and supporting high-quality data centres. It is highly beneficial to have strong leadership qualities that can be adapted to suit professional staff in various data centre jobs.

An empowering Design Manager helps teams to meet key goals. This requires relevant leadership qualities, like coaching and development, scheduling and planning, and communication and documentation to share relevant updates on team progress with interested stakeholders.

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