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Why Ireland is Attracting the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies

Janis Slisans our consultant managing the role
Posted by Janis Slisans
Published on 9 June 2023

The pharmaceutical industry is currently valued at more than $1.48 trillion (USD), and it continues to grow every single year. This world-changing industry is responsible for supporting global health efforts, but many people are surprised to learn that most of the world’s top companies share a single location—Ireland.

Ireland has effectively placed itself at the center of this thriving industry. Below, we will explore why Ireland is attracting the biggest companies in pharmaceuticals.

How Ireland Supports Major Pharmaceutical Companies

There are many reasons why people enjoy life in Ireland, but companies have a lot to gain in this country as well. The cities in Ireland are a great match for new and existing companies in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why there are also many pharmaceutical jobs in Ireland.

Let’s explore the factors that contribute to this growing market.

Solid Infrastructure

When companies choose a location, they want a space that will be stable and offer benefits. Known for its business-friendly climate and stable population, Ireland is a place where businesses feel secure. Ireland’s general infrastructure makes it possible to support businesses and those they employ. In fact, Ireland is ranked as the third freest economy as of 2023 and continues to show exceptional government support for business freedom.

A Thriving Industry

Ireland continues to attract pharmaceutical companies because many existing pharmaceutical companies are visibly thriving in this country. Already, Ireland is the home of several top pharmaceutical companies and countless pharmaceutical jobs. Accounting for 90% of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies, Ireland maintains the best in the industry.

For other brands, this is reassuring and can feel like a safer bet than moving into untested waters. As Ireland continues to prove how much value it offers this industry, it will continue to appeal to companies in this field.

Access to Top-Performing Employees

Many people see Ireland as an exceptional way to gain access to top-performing employees from all around the European Union (EU). Since companies in Ireland can hire staff from any EU country with ease, it allows access to the best and brightest in many locations.

The fact that Ireland is home to so many great pharmaceutical companies also makes it an appealing location for those who enter these fields. Professionals in life sciences are likely to seek pharmaceutical jobs in Ireland because there are so many available. Companies can benefit from this by offering opportunities where industry experts are already looking for them.

Businesses Can Gain—and Save

The pharmaceutical industry saves lives, but these businesses still want to see a solid return on investment (ROI). Ireland offers many opportunities for companies to find financial support and success in this area. In Ireland, pharmaceutical companies enjoy a significant amount of research funding, as well as opportunities to receive tax breaks of up to 25%. For large companies, Ireland’s corporate tax rate, which is currently 12.5%, is also highly appealing.

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