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What is Gene Therapy–and How is it Impacting the Future of Pharmaceuticals?

Caroline O’Sullivan our consultant managing the role
Published on 7 July 2023

Gene therapy is one of the newest treatment approaches being explored by experts in the medical field, and it is already changing the world. By 2034, this industry is estimated to reach $306 billion dollars and to treat over 1 million patients.

Currently considered to be the future of treating disease, gene therapy is clearly influencing the pharmaceutical market–but not in the way you might expect. In this article, we will explore what advancing gene therapies mean for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as gene therapy jobs and pharmaceutical jobs.

What is Gene Therapy?

Every single one of us has a long list of genes that we inherit from our families and, sometimes, other avenues. While genes can make up much of who we are, there are some genes that are known to cause problems for our health. There are also certain genes that can contribute many positive benefits to our health and help us to push back against diseases. This is where gene therapy comes in.

Gene therapy is the act of altering genes through modification, alteration, and introduction. Using various gene therapy products, we can influence the behaviour of genes within the human body. Already, gene therapy is in active use, and it is expected to play an even bigger role in healthcare down the line.

How Does Gene Therapy Work?

Gene therapy and gene therapy products work by modifying existing genes in the body or introducing new ones. We can use gene therapy to replace or flat-out stop genes that contribute to diseases, and we can also use them to insert new or enhanced genes to help the body push back against diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

There are many types of gene therapy that are currently being used, each offering alterations to the genes in unique ways. Some gene therapy products rely on viruses and bacteria, while others focus on altering the genes themselves to disrupt unwanted behaviours or encourage better ones.

What Does Gene Therapy Mean for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Since gene therapy grants us the ability to fight diseases without the use of medication, it is easy to wonder if gene therapy will negatively impact the pharmaceutical industry. In reality, the opposite is true. Gene therapy is a part of the pharmaceutical industry.

The progress of gene therapy and the products that make it possible are all a part of the biopharmaceutical industry. In fact, the progress we are making in this direction is bringing a lot of new potential to the industry.

In many ways, gene therapy offers the same benefits and more when compared to traditional medications. Pharmaceutical companies offering these solutions will likely experience growth, allowing for new pharmaceutical jobs and gene therapy jobs to open up in this market.

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