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Living and Working in Chicago

Adam Chaumeton our consultant managing the role
Published on 18 August 2023

Looking for your next career move? From underground donut tours to amazing career development opportunities – here are just a few reasons why a job in Chicago could be perfect for you!

Great Opportunities to Further Your Career

Chicago is the number one most-diversified economy of the largest U.S. metros; ranked #22 globally. Employment has also increased by 81,900 from May 2022-May 2023 and means Chicago is teeming with potential professional opportunities.


Life Sciences in Chicago

One particular sector which is growing rapidly in Chicago is Life Science. In 2022 Chicago ranked No.6 for job growth out of the top 25 life science markets in the U.S and there are many indicators that this is going to keep accelerating.

Chicago is enhancing long-term tax credits and other incentives to aid development of specialised life science facilities. Governor JB Pritzker announced a $15.4 million investment as part of its Wet Lab Capital program to support 8 new wet lab spaces throughout the state.

Life Science opportunities in Chicago are also surging due to the city establishing engagement within the Venture Capital (VC) community through reinforcing the value of life sciences. In 2021 alone, local founders have raised more than $7.9b in Venture Capital (VC) — placing Chicago among the top 5 U.S. tech ecosystems, today a national destination for founders, investors, and innovators.

Chicago is becoming a destination for Top Industry Talent, alongside development of State-of-the-Art Facilities. This high-quality lab environment is attractive to a diverse talent pool with many new major developments specifically designed to accommodate the rapidly growing life sciences and biotechnology industry.

Focus on Equality

Chicago is the No #1 metro ecosystem for women-founded start-ups. The city has the highest concentration of female entrepreneurs in the U.S. consisting of 25% female founders - this is significant compared to the global average of 14.1%.

Chicago also focus their efforts on diversity, equality, and fairness of employment opportunity - prohibiting discrimination and harassment within the workplace. 

Other Great Attractions

Chicago is home to some iconic food including the deep-dish pizza which foodies can experience on pizza tours throughout the city. Other popular dishes Chicago is known for is the Italian-beef sandwich, Chicago-style hot dogs, and there is even an underground donut tour which samples Chicago’s tastiest donuts.

There is a multitude of great festivals in Chicago including the Taste of Chicago food festival (the largest food festival in the world), the Riot Fest, and the Pitchfork Music Festival which has been recognised as one of the best festivals in the country by several media outlets.

Chicago was the birthplace of modern architecture – standing only 10 storeys tall, Chicago’s home insurance building was the world’s first skyscraper. Ground-breaking engineering in Chicago has influenced architecture worldwide. Chicago is also home to Lake Michigan which has a 18 mile lakefront path and home to many beautiful public beaches.

Chicago has selection of 250 theatres and over 200 music venues making it a world-class destination for live entertainment. Chicago is also home to a large array of museums, art galleries, and exhibitions.


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