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Where are the top data centers in the US

Hugo Dawson our consultant managing the role
Posted by Hugo Dawson
Published on 17 August 2023

With over 9 million square kilometres, it’s no surprise that the United States hold host to some of the world’s largest data centers. And it’s not just the size of the data centers, the sheer volume is big too. 

Considering the expected growth of the data center market is to reach $251 billion by 2026 it feels like the US could be ahead of the game. But where can you find the top Data Centers in the US? 


We all know that in the states they like to go big and Digital Realty Trust’s Lakeside Technology Center is no exception. It formerly housed printing presses for the popular Sears Catalogue and Yellow Pages phone books but at 1.1 million square feet it’s now one of the largest data centers in the world.

Lakeside Technology Center is one of 81 colocations in Chicago, the total number in Illinois is only 88 so the city of Chicago makes up the lion’s share of the state.


There’s currently 14 Google Data Centers in the US, not surprising considering the current daily Google searches are up to 5.6 billion.  One of the 14 can be found in Douglas County, Georgia. Google have had presence in the Atlanta, Georgia region since 2003 and have continued to grow, creating 500 jobs in the area.

But Georgia hasn’t only proven attractive to one tech giant, earlier this year Microsoft announced that they were aiming to build 1 million square foot of data center buildings in Douglasville, Georgia. 


You only need to take one look at a map of Amazon’s (AWS) data center locations to see where the majority are. With a staggering 38 AWS data centers, Virginia has more than the rest of the country combined.

However, it’s not only Amazon that’s set up camp in Virginia. You’ll find many others, like the QTS Atalanta Metro Data Center – this 90,000 square foot building also started out its life with the popular retailer, Sears, as a distribution center for the whole of the southeast region. It was bought in 2000 and remodelled as a data center, opening up 6 years later.


Home to Las Vegas, Nevada isn’t all sequins and roulette tables. But Sin City aside, Nevada is the 19th least populous of the states but the 7th most extensive, making it perfect for hyperscale data centers. It’s home to two Google sites but the largest in the state is The Citadel owned by Switch, located in Tahoe Reno. This mammoth site, described by Switch as a technology ecosystem, is powered by 100% renewable energy. This is no mean feat with a site of this size – the area covers 7.2 million square feet, and the largest building is 1.3 million square feet!


Across the globe we are estimated to create 1.145 trillion MB of data per day, meaning the need for data centers will only get bigger. Social media giants, Meta, have recently announced that they have wrapped on their complex in Altoona but this 5 million square foot building is the tip of the iceberg and more buildings are set to be completed by 2025.

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