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A Day in the Life of a Commissioning Manager in Renewable Energy

Brandon Sales our consultant managing the role
Posted by Brandon Sales
Published on 12 April 2024

By 2050, renewables are projected to account for 90% of global electricity generation. This rapid expansion creates exciting opportunities across the entire renewable energy value chain, and one crucial role propelling these projects forward is the Commissioning Manager.

So, what exactly does a Commissioning Manager in Renewable Energy do day to day?


The Orchestrators Behind Green Power

Before renewable technology (wind and solar farms) can generate electricity, they undergo a rigorous process called commissioning. This intricate phase ensures all systems – electrical, mechanical, and control – are functioning flawlessly, safely, and in accordance with design specifications.

The Commissioning Manager oversees the entire commissioning process, leading a team of engineers and technicians to meticulously test and verify every component of the renewable energy facility. Their responsibilities are extensive, and their decisions directly impact the project's success.


A Day in the Life

The day of a Commissioning Manager is a dynamic blend of technical expertise, leadership, and problem-solving. Here's a glimpse into what their workday might entail…

Verifying the Build

Depending on the project stage, a site visit might be necessary. Here, the manager dons the safety gear and heads to the renewable energy facility. They oversee the commissioning activities, ensuring safety protocols are followed, and conducting in-depth inspections of equipment and systems. Data is continuously collected and analysed, identifying any deviations from specifications that require rectification.

Reports, Communication & Collaboration

Commissioning managers also focus on documentation and communication. The manager analyses data gathered during the site visit, generating comprehensive reports that detail test results, identified issues, and solutions implemented. These detailed reports are vital for ensuring quality control and keeping all stakeholders – investors, developers, and future operators – informed of progress.

Thinking on Their Feet

Renewable energy projects, despite planning, can encounter hurdles. The commissioning manager's ability to think on their feet is crucial. They need to be adept at troubleshooting technical issues, liaising with equipment manufacturers, and finding creative solutions to keep the project on track.


The Skills & Qualities of a Successful Commissioning Manager

The role of a Commissioning Manager in the renewable energy sector requires a unique blend of technical knowledge, leadership skills, and personal qualities. Here are some key attributes: Technical Expertise, Leadership, Problem-Solving, Communication, Attention to Detail.


Are You Ready to Become a Commissioning Manager in Renewable Energy?

Being a Commissioning Manager in Renewable Energy is more than just a job; it's a chance to be at the forefront of a global movement towards a sustainable future. It's a career path filled with constant learning, problem-solving, and the immense satisfaction of seeing a clean energy project come to life.

If you are a skilled engineer seeking a rewarding career path in the dynamic world of renewable energy, then becoming a Commissioning Manager might be the perfect fit. Quanta could have the perfect opportunity for you! Check out our renewable energy jobs page today or submit your CV to make the first step!