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Meet the USA Team - Jess Gonyo

Jessica Gonyo our consultant managing the role
Posted by Jessica Gonyo
Published on 19 April 2024

Jessica Gonyo joined Quanta part of QCS Staffing in 2023 as a Recruitment Team Leader, she was one of our first American USA team members who didn’t relocate from the UK, and she has been highly successful so far. We spoke to her to learn a bit more about her experience and thoughts about Quanta and the recruitment environment.

Describe your role at Quanta?

My role is to drive recruitment success. I do this by building a high-performing team, managing the recruitment team, and providing guidance, support, and mentorship to ensure they meet their individual and team targets.

What excited you most about this opportunity?

Coming from a sales background, I've always had a keen interest in pharmaceutical sales. However, the opportunity to transition into this field never materialized. Recently, when Emily approached me about managing the life science recruitment team in the US, I saw it as a chance to finally step into the exciting world of life sciences, especially after learning more about Quanta and the amazing things they do.

So how did you get into recruitment?

Back in 2016, my family and I relocated from California to North Carolina. It was here in North Carolina that I stumbled into my first recruitment role. Like many others, I didn't plan on getting into recruitment, but I quickly fell in love with it. Connecting with candidates and helping them secure roles they deserve, along with assisting companies in finding exceptional talent, became my passion.


What is exciting about the life science industry in North Carolina at the moment or in the future?

North Carolina is the hub for a lot of pharmaceutical companies, and it is growing exponentially. We work with some big clients and have great relationships. We know that there's a ton of opportunity and it continues to grow. When I was originally relocating over to North Carolina back in 2016, So many people would comment on how the North Carolina Area was exploding with growth and was the pharmaceutical hub! Lots of opportunity and lots of growth makes it really exciting for now and the future.

What have been the highlights so far?

Everything has been absolutely fantastic! The people here are simply amazing. It's been wonderful interacting with so many talented individuals on a daily basis. One of the many highlights has been Sam relocating from the UK to join our USA team; Zweli relocated here less than a year ago and was recently promoted. We have had the opportunity to add some amazing people to the team. But perhaps the most rewarding part has been experiencing firsthand the values that Quanta embodies and seeing everyone here truly live by those values. That's something special and not always easy to find.


What does the future hold for the USA office?

There is so much potential. The goal is to really grow this floor, dominate the US and be the go-to staffing firm here in the United States. To do this, we want to grow the team, be the company that people go to when they need jobs, or they need jobs filled. Ultimately, we want to build a network where everybody gets to be part of our mission. We surpassed our targets last year and this we’re on track to blow those targets out of the water. Next week we’ll have our 10th member starting which is really cool. Everything is super exciting!


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