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Quanta are Excited to Announce the Sponsorship of Tattenhoe Ladies Football Club

Robyn Luya our consultant managing the role
Posted by Robyn Luya
Published on 25 April 2024

Robyn Luya is Quanta’s Contracts and Compliance Executive at Quanta, but she's also captain and a key player for a fantastic women's football club on the rise – Tattenhoe Ladies FC. The team has come a long way. Last season, with only 8 players, they were on the brink of folding. But thanks to a dedicated effort to rebuild, they've grown into 25 great athletes. Quanta part of QCS Staffing are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Tattenhoe Ladies and help their football journey. This will fund essential training materials and equipment which will help them to succeed.

Their training regime is two to three training sessions a week, a 5-a-side league, and Sunday League games. But it's about more than just competition. They organise their own charity tournaments to raise money for Willen's hospice in Milton Keynes which highlights their incredible community spirit. They also recently climbed Ben Nevis together to raise even more money for a great cause. We sat down with Robyn to learn more…

What's been your biggest Highlights so Far? 

“Last season, the team almost folded because we didn't have a lot of players and now, we've grown so much, finishing third in the league, and beating teams that used to absolutely annihilate us! We could have been promoted this season to go up a division but because of the restructure I think we're going to stay and build up the new team.

We’ve also become really great friends and hang out multiple times a week. Another highlight was all the football girls climbing Ben Nevis a couple of weeks ago for charity – even with the -18°c, wind and rain.”


What’s been your biggest challenges so far?

“Last year's low player numbers were a huge challenge. We had to rebuild the team from scratch. But it's been amazing to see so many new players come on board, some haven't played in years and are rediscovering their love for the sport. So, our biggest challenge was building the team from 8 players to what it is today. But it was also really rewarding for the team getting loads of girls playing football and enjoying it again.”


How have you attracted new players?

“We have a few girls who saw our social media and wanted to come and try out and then join. We've even had players from opposing teams, impressed by our teamwork and friendship, approach our manager about transferring to our team. We do a lot of team bonding and will sometimes meet girls out who we’ve played against – they ask to join as well. So, lots of different ways.”


What’s your goal for the future?

“We aim to obviously win games, get promoted, play better teams, and go up a league. To do that we just need to keep improving and become stronger as a team.”

How will Quanta sponsoring you help?

“Quanta’s sponsorship has already been a huge boost. The whole club is a charity and self-funded, so getting new equipment was difficult. Thanks to Quanta, we now have brand new (PINK!) training materials, balls, and even training kits for next season which will really help us elevate our game.”


Joining Quanta part of QCS Staffing

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