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Quanta in 2023: A Look Back at Our Proudest Moments!

David Broome our consultant managing the role
Posted by David Broome
Published on 19 December 2023

As we approach the year's end and embrace the holiday spirit, it's time to reminisce about 2023. The year flew by, but amidst the whirlwind, we've had moments worth popping some champagne over. We’re taking a merry stroll down memory lane with Quanta's incredible 2023 – a record breaking year with an array of amazing moments and triumphs!

This year in Numbers

Team Expansion and Achievements

Our team expanded significantly - a testament to their impressive recruitment efforts, the Talent Acquisition Team welcomed a staggering 36 new starters, marking a year of record growth. We have subsequently reached a record total of 107 Quantarians across various work styles—remote, hybrid, and office-based, making our work world as diverse as it is dynamic!

Our business winners have also been unstoppable, making impactful placements with 65 new clients and embarking on over 350 business adventures worldwide! They have also regularly attended networking events throughout the year across the globe. Amidst this growth, Quanta commemorated the remarkable 10-year milestones of both Tom Gorton, and Jenny Latham. We also proudly recognised 36 internal promotions, showcasing our enduring commitment to continuous progress and development. 


Community Engagement and Giving Back

Beyond business, Quanta’s commitment to giving back shone brightly through various charity events and partnerships. Throughout the year, the team rallied around causes close to their hearts, supporting charities like DENS, Pepper Foundation, Thomley, The Swan Youth Project, Hectors House, and many others – for more information look at our charities

Throughout the year, our calendar was packed with heart warming and fun-filled charity events that brought our Quanta community together for incredible causes. Conquering hills at the DENS Hillbuster, and showcasing our athleticism at our very own Sports Day, our team united for a myriad of causes. We celebrated St Patricks day and Quantoberfest brought the Oktoberfest atmosphere for a good cause, followed by intense matches at the Hillier Hopkins Charity Football Tournament and a day on the golf greens for the Pepper Foundation. 

We pushed our limits in the Mud Packer Challenge and spooked up fun at our DENS Halloween bash. And in typical Quanta fashion, for each of our events, there was an array of different competitions including baking, best costume, stein holding, barrel racing, and other various sports. We also held charity raffles with some incredible prizes. 

Supporting Movember was a highlight, alongside some individuals conquering marathons like the Hyde Park Half Marathon, Grimsby 10K, and the London–Brighton bike ride. This Christmas, we are supporting the charity Kids Out Christmas Giving Tree Campaign with a Christmas jumper day. Together, through these incredible events, we raised an inspiring total of £45k+, making a meaningful impact in our community and beyond.

Recognitions and Celebrations

At Quanta, our commitment to excellence is not just a saying – it's a way of life that's been supported with recognition and awards throughout the year! Awards such as the SIA's 3rd Best Recruitment Company to work for in the UK, and ranking among the top companies regionally and nationally at Best Companies, winning Business of the Year at the Inspiring Herts Awards, and claiming the Agile1 Award for best supplier performance. These commendations highlight our dedication to being an exceptional supplier and workplace.

 Our one team ethos was evident through engaging team-building activities like our company scavenger hunt, celebratory evenings out with the team (which wouldn’t be complete without some karaoke), team lunches and breakfasts, family BBQ’s, and the company summer and Christmas parties. We also engaged in numerous recognition programs, such as the Hero Board, honouring individuals who embody our values, and the Directors' Clubs day out, celebrating consistent high performance.


Investment in Quanta’s future

Investing in the Future

The year also saw Quanta’s investment in our future, expanding our global footprint with the opening of an office in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Our USA team, led by Adam Chaumeton, is already establishing itself successfully in the US market and growing rapidly. 

This year we also introduced our C-Suite leadership strategy which is paving the pathway of success for the company. We also invest in our employees, with a brilliant MAPSTAR training program, our award winning in-house Fast Track training programmes and the introduction of the Mirabel delivery training program.  Earlier this year we also started a Quanta podcast, where we talk to many interesting people about a variety of topics – these can be found on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.

With our eyes set on the future, we remain poised for continuous growth and innovation. As we chart our course into the upcoming year, plans are afoot for further expansion, deeper community engagement, and continued investment in our team’s skills and development.

2023 – done! Another record-breaking year at Quanta part of QCS Staffing and the reason we have been able to smash so many records… the Team. 

David and I are always thankful for the team whether they are in the US office, UK office or working remotely; we are truly humbled by everyone’s dedication. 

As I reflect on 2023, there are so many highlights that I’m so proud that our business has achieved this year, ranging from our charitable donations; to opening our office in North Carolina in the US; to watching each & everyone in this business striving to be the best version of themselves. 

We would not be here though without our consultants and our clients; you are always at the heart of everything that we do. We are constantly striving to improve our customer experience and I thank you for your partnership in 2023. 

2024 – here we come… you better be ready for us! 

Spencer Trigg, CEO 

2023 was a year of remarkable achievements, growth, and community spirit for Quanta. As we say goodbye to another successful year, we do so with a sense of pride in our accomplishments, gratitude for our team's dedication, and an unwavering commitment to making an impact in the world around us. With a legacy of excellence paving our way forward, Quanta eagerly anticipates the opportunities and successes that lie ahead in the years to come.