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"I can’t recommend Quanta highly enough"

Marcin Buczakowski our consultant managing the role
Published on 17 July 2019
I have been using Quanta services since July 2018. They saw my CV online and contacted me, providing with details of an open position with one of well known Pharmaceutical companies in Dublin. And simply asked me if I would be interested.

I’ve never contracted before so I was a little bit anxious but I expressed my interest. From that point forward, everything went really fast and to be honest, thanks to their professionalism, it was a smooth ride. They took care of everything, from setting up an interview with my future employer to providing list of local accounting companies, I could potentially use.
In the past 6 months Quanta would contact me on regular basis, making sure that everything is ok. Quanta don't send generic emails, rather contacting me on the phone, talking for few minutes, asking if I need anything. It’s a really nice touch and I do appreciate it.

Working with Quanta really does feel like I’m not just one of the numbers on their spreadsheets. It’s definitely something that makes them stand out. Overall, from the very beginning, it has been a very positive experience.

I can’t recommend Quanta highly enough, and I know that for any future projects I might take on, they will be definitely my first choice Agency.

Contractor, Document Support Specialist, BMS

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