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What’s new in our permanent placement division?

Peter Thoroughgood our consultant managing the role
Published on 19 April 2018

Quanta’s strategy for ongoing growth has seen us expand our service offering into new areas, including the development of new life science vertical markets. As this part of the business has seen enormous demand from clients and candidates, we’ve also experienced a growing number of enquiries regarding our permanent recruitment offering. Enter our dedicated division:

We expanded our service offering on the back of extensive demand from both clients and candidates. As our sectors have continued to grow and we’ve taken on new clients from all over the world, there has been a natural move by many to take on full-time staff in addition to the contract professionals we have always prided ourselves on. By bringing Peter on to oversee this function, we’ve been able to really develop this part of the business significantly.

Future Quanta employees will benefit from training in both permanent and contract recruitment when they join the business, expanding not only our service offering as a business but also our consultants’ scope as recruiters.

What’s happening within the life sciences market?

The life sciences market has seen significant growth in recent years, which has presented plenty of opportunities for clients and candidates alike. Activity remains high in the EU as strong trade links encourage new investment, while India is also seeing more life sciences activity as its pharmaceuticals market booms. This has led to our clients seeking out more candidates from us, increasingly within the permanent marketplace. Although the life sciences industry has traditionally been contract-dominated, over time we’ve started to see a move towards more long-term options and identified an opportunity to further support our clients.

What are the opportunities?

The team has already seen a wide range of roles come through from across the UK, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands, from graduate level right the way up to senior director positions. We’re seeing more of our clients looking to keep their knowledge base in-house, as opposed to acquiring – and then losing – skills on a project by project basis. We know there will always be significant demand for contractors within life sciences, but longer-term roles are increasingly becoming a point of interest for us and our contractors and we anticipate this area to continue to grow now that we have dedicated resource to it.

What’s different from contracting?

While there are similarities between applying for contract and permanent positions, there are crucial differences that candidates should adhere to. Permanent roles typically require more detail around a candidate’s experience, key accomplishments and how these can be applied to a new role. We also strongly encourage candidates to provide cover letters tailored specifically to the role they’re applying for. It’s critical to show how your previous experience will be relevant and beneficial to a new role.

Another key difference is the importance of cultural fit. Employers are much more interested in how people will fit in with their team and grow within their roles – there’s more weight placed on longevity and being part of a company journey.

As for the perks? There can be plenty. As well as having a stable, long-term job and income, you’ll also get dedicated training and development from your employer, along with other benefits such as pension, healthcare, annual leave and sick pay.

Candidate care continues

We pride ourselves on our high levels of candidate care at Quanta, which means we do everything we can to ensure we place candidates in roles and organisations where they have the opportunity to grow in their career. We support people through notice periods and transition from old jobs into new roles, keeping in touch long after the probation period has ended to ensure both the candidate and the client are happy.

Find out more

As we build up our permanent placement team, we’re expecting to see many more opportunities for candidates all over the world. If you’re interested in finding out more about this division, contact us to have a chat. Alternatively, browse our latest roles to get started on your job search.