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UK government pushing renewable energy commitment further, doubling offshore wind capacity

Denis Draia our consultant managing the role
Posted by Denis Draia
Published on 22 August 2018

It has recently been announced that the UK government has pledged to double the offshore wind capacity of the country. The UK already boasts over 7GW of operational offshore wind capacity (enough to power around 5 million homes) and a further 7GW has been confirmed or is currently under construction. Wind power is becoming increasingly popular and is particularly efficient. Just one turn of a windmill will power a household for 29 hours!

With global warming concerns and consciousness for our environment at the forefront of more and more people’s minds, it is clear that perceptions are changing and serious headway is being made in the world of renewable energy. Europe certainly appears to be paving the way for the offshore wind market with 7 of the top 10 countries for offshore wind being in Europe. The UK’s long-term vision and commitment to the environment have helped the country to top the list.

Other renewable energy sources such as solar and tidal have also received huge swathes of investment in recent years. A new analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance says that 50 percent of the world's energy will come from wind and solar by 2050. In 2015, wind and solar made up only 7 percent of global electricity generation, but that figure is rising rapidly.

government report released at the end of 2017, highlighted how the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 42% since 1990, whilst the economy has grown by two thirds during the same period. The publication proudly noted that this meant emissions have been reduced faster than any other G7 nation, while simultaneously leading the G7 group of countries in growth in national income over the period.

Globally, around 2.3 million people either work directly in the renewables sector or indirectly in supplier industries. With the industry set to be valued at a mighty $777.6 billion by next year. The sustainability and reliability of the industry are reasons why it has seen such vast investment in recent years. Targets set by various entities have also obviously excelled the growth in the sector worldwide. These include objectives set by the EU, governments and companies own aims. The EU set a target of 20% of total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. To achieve this, EU countries have committed to reaching their own national renewables targets ranging from 10% in Malta to 49% in Sweden.

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