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Hear from Craig how Quanta will help you find a heavy lift job

Craig Thornton our consultant managing the role
Published on 8 February 2021
Renewable energy is the future and in 2020 Q1 it accounted for a record-breaking 47% of the UK’s electricity generationThere has been an increasing amount of activity on the renewable energy scene with more wind farms being installed, a drop in the cost of green electricity and governments planning to use the green economy to limit the economic fallout from Covid-19. But what does all this have to do with heavy lift?

There are many different areas of renewable energy and at Quanta we’ve established a strong reputation in the heavy lift industry, helping candidates find roles both offshore and onshore. Our team work with some of the biggest names in Europe and that was one of the reasons why Craig decided to move from our life sciences division and explore a new side of the business. Craig might be new to the team but he’s already learnt so much from our heavy lift specialists. We spoke to him to learn more about his new role.

Have you always worked in recruitment?

I actually started out my career in the Royal Air Force, where I worked for seven years. My recruitment career began once I left the Forces. I didn’t really plan the career move, it was just something I fell into. Four years on and I’m still working in recruitment so it was definitely a good move.

Why did you choose to work in the heavy lift division?

Last year, my director – Dave - came to me with the opportunity to move into heavy lift. I’d already been working in the life sciences division at Quanta for two years and I thought it was a good chance to see a different side of the business. Renewable energy is a booming sector and we’re seeing a lot of investment in wind farm projects in Sweden, Poland and Germany. Those are our areas of focus at the moment but with renewable energy sweeping across the globe we’re looking at nurturing relationships in Taiwan and the Far East.

Despite the pandemic, it’s estimated that 71.3 GW of wind power capacity was installed in 2020.

What is the best part about working in recruitment?

Helping people - that’s a nice reward. Before the pandemic, we also had the chance to travel internationally to meet clients and I’m really looking forward to when we can do that again because I’ve met interesting people in interesting locations. In the life sciences division, I was working on projects that were developing blockbuster cancer treatments and Covid-19 vaccines. And now in heavy lift, I get to be a part of these wind farm projects around the world.

What jobs are you seeing a lot of activity in?

We support a lot of different heavy lift disciplines, but it is mostly crane operators and riggers. Coming from the life sciences sector and only being in this role for a few weeks means that I still have a lot to learn but I have already seen that this job will have me thinking on my feet.

Is heavy lift a job area suited for ex-Armed Forces personnel?

Yes, from what I’ve seen we’re helping lots of people with a military background find a job in heavy lift. I think it’s an area that suits people from the Armed Forces because they’re not generally office people (I may be the exception here). People who served in the Forces tend to like being on a site, in a hands-on role. They’re also used to travelling around the world and that is something a job in heavy lift can offer. Plus, this industry is very regulated with a big focus on health and safety and procedure. That’s something ex-Armed Forces personnel are used to so heavy lift offers them something that is familiar.

What can Quanta offer candidates?

The heavy lift team have built some really strong relationships with employers. We’re exclusive suppliers to major heavy lift companies around the globe so we have access to jobs that candidates would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Also, candidate care is key at Quanta and we drop each person a call each month to check in. When restrictions are eased, we’ll be back on-site meeting them in-person. It’s great meeting the candidates face-to-face and we’re really looking forward to hosting one of our summer parties again to thank everyone for their hard work.

Are you searching for your next heavy lift job?

Have you got experience operating cranes? Then we can help you secure your next role. Offshore and onshore wind are continuing to drive activity in the heavy lift sector and we’re looking for talented and trained staff to fill roles across the globe. Browse our current heavy lift jobs or get in touch to speak to a member of the team about upcoming job opportunities.