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Celebrating 15 years with Quanta: Joanna Belmar

Joanna Belmar our consultant managing the role
Posted by Joanna Belmar
Published on 4 March 2021
At Quanta, we love to celebrate our people, after all, they are at the heart of everything we do. There’s nothing we enjoy more than recognising our colleagues who have reached major milestones with us. Joanna is a Business Services Manager at Quanta and has just celebrated her 15th anniversary. We spoke to her to hear about the various roles she's had at the business and why she thinks Quanta is a great place to work.

Why did you join Quanta?

I joined Quanta as a Delivery Executive, which was my first recruitment role. I noticed straight away that the company had a nice team environment. At the time, just 15 people worked here, but we’ve grown to 69 people whilst keeping that close-knit environment. Last year I was promoted to Business Services Manager, and I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. I now manage internal recruitment - which has included creating a virtual onboarding process this year - and both business solutions and business unit support.

What has kept you working at Quanta for 15 years?

The people and the progression opportunities have kept me at Quanta. I’ve had various roles in the business, and it was in 2014 - when a new opportunity came up for me to move into internal recruitment - that I realised I could make the role my own. It was an entirely new role created at Quanta, and I found that really exciting.

Being a successful and growing company has allowed us to offer our team award-winning training programmes. Every person at Quanta - no matter whether they’re new to the business or senior and regardless of their role - has access to training that can help them develop both professionally and personally. In our learning and development team, we have experienced trainers who deliver sessions on sales and negotiation and other essential topics, like the power of praise. What’s great is that anyone in the business can approach the trainers with a topic they’d like to be coached in, and they’ll go away and create a session.

This is one of the reasons why we have an average tenure of six years - which is much higher than the industry average. We’ve kept our training sessions going throughout the pandemic, helping our teams stay focused when working from home.

How have you seen the company grow and develop?

We now work in over 30 countries and there are so many new roles in the business. There are departments like marketing and contracts and compliance - that didn't exist when I joined the business. We've set up new offices in the US and Ireland - an example of some of our proudest moments in 2020. This growth has allowed people at Quanta to forge their own career path, and that’s something we help them to do. We have mapped out paths to management for the delivery team and the sales team, but we’ve also outlined criteria and rewards for those who want to remain in their role but develop and take on more responsibility.

Why would you recommend Quanta as a place to work?

It’s an exciting time to join Quanta right now. As we continue to grow, people have access to more opportunities, but we’ve still managed to keep that 'One Team' culture. Despite working remotely, everyone has come together and been really supportive of each other. It’s been really brilliant to see.

If you want to excel in your recruitment career, we have all the tools to help make you successful - you just need the drive. When you do a great job at Quanta, you are recognised. We celebrate our people in many small ways - offering early finishes, BBQs and making shout outs in our Friday round-ups. And when people reach the bigger milestones, as I have, Quanta really go to the effort to make it special.

A few words about Jo from her colleagues: 

“I have worked with Jo for over 11 years now, and she is one of the kindest, dedicated and hardworking colleagues I have had the pleasure of working alongside. Ever since I joined Quanta, I have always been in awe of her strong work ethic and impressed with her positive, can-do attitude. She invests an incredible amount of energy, positivity and support not only into her team, but also into the wider business. She works true to our values and is one of the most trustworthy, friendly and approachable colleagues I have worked with. I am also lucky enough to call her my friend. Jo is loved across the business and we look forward to the next 15 years with her as part of the Quanta family.” Lauren Potter, Associate Director

“I have worked with Jo for two years now and she is a pleasure and a joy to work with. Jo is always happy to help any member of the team, as well as doing an amazing job in her role as Business Services Manager. Jo has definitely contributed to my first few years at Quanta being as great as they have been, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.” Charlotte Attwood, Marketing Manager

“Jo is AMAZING at her job and is a true joy to work with. Jo has delivered multiple positions through her Quanta career and over the past several years has found us awesome talent. We would not be the business we are without her delivering these tremendous colleagues around us today!” Spencer Trigg, Director

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