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Excel your recruitment career with Quanta

Joanna Belmar our consultant managing the role
Posted by Joanna Belmar
Published on 15 January 2021
Recruitment Consultants and Delivery Executives at Quanta are empowered, trusted and valued. We believe in investing in our team, providing them with the training and knowledge they need to become an expert in their field.

We’re extremely proud of the culture that we’ve nurtured and it’s one of the reasons why we have an average tenure of six years. And we can’t forget to mention Wendy, who has recently celebrated 20 years with Quanta. But there’s more to a job at Quanta than being a specialist.

More important than anything is a positive work-life balance and our benefits are designed with this in mind. If you’ve got some experience in recruitment, read on to find out how you can excel your career in recruitment at Quanta:

We’re hiring…

Recruitment Consultants

As a Recruitment Consultant, you’ll be client facing and winning business will be key. We have clients based all around the world and in 2020 we opened two new offices in Boston and Dublin. You’ll have the opportunity to travel internationally to maintain our strong client relationships and help us continue to expand into various markets. And, if relocating to a new country is one of your goals, we’ll help you get there.

Delivery Executives

On the other side of recruitment, we have Delivery Executives who are candidate focused. In this role, you’ll work alongside the sales team, sourcing and qualifying candidates. Working directly with the candidates, you get to see first-hand how your efforts help people to find a job they love. Plus, if you’re interested in moving into a sales role this is a great stepping stone and we’ll provide all the training you need.

Why bring your recruitment career to Quanta?

Choosing which company to work for is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You need to choose a business whose values align with yours, one where you feel confident that your mental wellbeing and professional development are high up on the priority list, and let’s not forget, you need to have fun. As for recruitment teams, there are other criteria you look for in a company and job. Here are the top reasons why we think Quanta is the best place to bring your recruitment expertise:

You become a specialist

At Quanta, we unite people with life changing industries, including life sciences, renewable energy and IT & data centres. It doesn’t matter which field you have recruitment experience in, once you join the team, you’ll get to choose which division you want to work in and receive the support you need to become a specialist.

You have a great team behind you

Recruitment consultants and Delivery Executives are supported by a dedicated back office team. This includes a contracts and compliance team, a marketing team who help with client presentations and job promotion, and an admin and business support team to help with things like booking business trips.

We invest in your career

The learning and development team at Quanta deliver three Fast Track training programmes for our Delivery team, Sales team and Management team. Our continued support to develop our team has helped us reach 21 promotions last year.

You own your career development

Everyone at Quanta sets clear criteria, agreed with their manager, so they can visualise the path to their next promotion. This gives you ownership of your career development and you know that if you perform, you’re rewarded.

We have a One Team culture

We are one team and we all share in our successes. This means that everyone is invited to join in on our weekends away. Our strong culture is one of the reasons that virtual onboarding at Quanta has been such a massive success.

We take the work-life balance seriously

We take pride in the positive environment we’ve fostered at Quanta. It’s a workplace where everyone is pushed to excel in their career, whilst encouraged to take the time they need to relax and enjoy themselves. We don’t just pay lip service to the work-life balance. We have a health and wellbeing programme and make sure that anyone who completes their objectives is offered early finishes and the chance to earn more holiday.

At Quanta, flexible working and remote working are important and we think they’re more than a company benefit - they should be offered to everyone. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll make it work. Just take Zoe who is Delivery Executive and balances her recruitment career with her part-time job as a Royal Navy Reservist.

You work alongside consultants with annual billings over £1 million

Since our consultants work mostly in contract recruitment, they bill £350,000 on average each year and some exceed £1 million. These billings are well-earned because our consultants are specialists in their field, meaning they provide a superior level of expertise. What’s more, we work with industries that are life changing. So, by placing candidates in roles in life sciences, renewable energy and IT & data centres, you’re helping to make a difference.

Find out more about working at Quanta

At Quanta, it’s really important that we create an environment that everyone wants to work in. This means supporting each team member as an individual but also offering opportunities that will help them grow their career. With agreed objectives and established business plans, we have the foundations for you to exceed. Contact us to find out more about joining the Quanta team, or apply for our live roles.