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What are the most in-demand skills for data centre jobs?

Charlotte Clarke our consultant managing the role
Published on 19 August 2021

As the amount of technology used around the world increases, the volume of data produced continues to grow, magnifying the demand for data storage services . Employment numbers in the technology industry continue to soar year after year, and there’s a plethora of data centre roles and specialisations to follow.

The modern-day data centres are developing to support new forms of workload and users. With the demand for data centres in Europe to rise by a third in 2021, data experts with a sharp set of skills are required to keep up with the growth. We’ve listed the most in-demand skills needed to forge a successful career in a data centre.

Data security skills

Data centre security revolves around the physical practices and virtual technologies used to protect data from external threats and cyber-attacks. The focus on increasing the levels of security is more prevalent than ever as, as the industry grows, so does the need to safely secure the data stored in centres.

Today, billions of devices are connected to the internet, making it more and more complicated to manage and secure data. Employers are looking for candidates who have skills and experience in data security and understand how to utilise network intelligence for optimised performance.

Data analysis skills

Big data is on the rise and, globally, humans generate an incredible two and a half quintillion bytes of data a day. Additionally, the usage shows no signs of slowing down and, according to a recent report, the global big data and business analytics market is forecasted to grow to a value of $274 billion by 2022 .

The result is an exponential growth of data that requires complex forms of analysis. This data can represent a wealth of value to data centres; therefore, skilled individuals are needed to analyse the information and gain insights from the analytics.

Cloud management Skills

Modern data requirements have changed dramatically over the past 18 months when the global pandemic caused organisations to alter the way they work. The adoption rate of hybrid clouds soared as businesses realised that without the flexibility that the cloud offers, they risk being left behind by competitors.

As more computing power shifts towards the cloud, organisations require data centre specialists to use their expertise to oversee a change in infrastructure. Cloud services require meticulous monitoring and to preserve their safety and efficiency. Cloud specialists are expected to have a deep understanding of architectural principles, and also have expertise in software development, and cloud data security.

Data visualisation skills

Data visualisation is the ability to show data findings with the use of graphics and illustrations. Data visualisations offer a simplified view of complex data, allowing those who aren’t experts in data to comprehend the insights. Data analysts can help businesses identify patterns in data and understand intricate concepts easily.

With expertise in data visualisation, you can obtain a better understanding of a company, present useful insights to business leaders, and influence the future decision-making of a company for the better.

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