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Changing industries: Moving your career into Data Centres

Iain Dickens our consultant managing the role
Posted by Iain Dickens
Published on 29 June 2022

Changing industries is a bold move, but with the right preparation, it can be a straightforward and rewarding transition. More and more people every year are leaving behind old jobs and industries – with the aftermath of the pandemic being pointed to for many workers’ decision to redirect their careers. Whilst job hopping in the past may have been controversial, nowadays changing careers and jumping sectors is considered a positive move and not least if you are thinking of moving into the data centre industry.

Data centre jobs are growing year on year, and a career in the industry promises job security, great pay and a rewarding career path at the forefront of exciting technological advancement. But how can you best prepare yourself for a switch into the data centre industry? Here, we lay out five tips to help your new data centre job application become a success

Make it clear why you want to work in data centres

Companies want to hire employees who are motivated to work in their organisation and have a clear idea of why the industry matters to them. Demonstrating you are interested and committed to data centres will help you form a compelling response to ‘why this job, and why this company’. Whilst you will need to draw on previous experiences, direct the conversation to why you are excited to engage these skills in a data centre job and how you can make a positive impact.

Data centres play a huge role in our modern, digital lives. They keep us connected, ensure business operations run smoothly and are largely considered to be the most important industry on the planet today. Understanding the magnitude of Data Centres and leaning into this as a reason to work in them will go a long way.

Emphasise your transferable skills and experiences

Data Centres offer excellent opportunities for a diversity of skillsets. Whether you have expertise in Cabling, IT, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering or even Construction, there are career opportunities for you. Any additional experience with power systems and power generation in mission critical environments in particular offer transferable skills that would put you in an excellent position for a data centre job.

Specialisms such as engineering, operations, commissioning and quality assurance transfer well into data centres, and candidates in related industries such as life sciences, manufacturing and construction are highly sought due to their skill transferability.

Data centre jobs also demand a refined set of personal skills. Leadership, critical thinking and communication skills can be gathered from all manner of career pathways, and all have great value in the data centre environment.

Recently, a shortage in skills has meant that the industry is getting creative with their hiring by pulling in talent from a variety of disciplines – click here for a detailed skills matrix of in demand data centre jobs, and find where you fit in.

Network and research

Coming from a different industry does not have to mean that you have to interview unprepared. A great way to get to grips with Data Centres can be by tapping into the network of professionals you’ve already built up in your previous roles. Explore your network for connections with experience in Data Centres, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice, resources, and referrals. Data Centres are a fairly niche industry, so you may need to spend some extra time building up some foundation industry knowledge. Follow relevant resources online to keep you up to date with industry trends – a good starting point would be  Data Centre Magazine and Data Centre and Network News.

Get Certified

Although not a requirement, getting certified with a relevant data centre qualification can set you apart from your candidate pool. There is an abundance of learning opportunities available, and the more skills you add to your CV, the greater chance you have at landing your dream data centre job. If gaining a basic understanding is your goal, Schneider’s Data Centre Certified Associates (DCCA) qualification provides foundational knowledge of critical infrastructure in the Data Centre.

Talk to a recruitment company specialising in Data Centres

Of course, you can go straight to the source by getting in touch with an agency that specialises in Data Centres, such as here at Quanta. There are no better experts in landing a Data Centre job than the people who do it day in and day out. We have a dedicated Data Centre recruitment team committed to putting your needs first, assessing your experiences and placing you in a role best suited to you. Looking to jump industries into Data Centres? Get in touch with our Data Centre recruitment team today or view available data centre jobs here. Also, check out our article on why location is important for data centres.