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Finding a CQV Engineer job in North Carolina

Annabel Nangle our consultant managing the role
Published on 20 October 2022

Commissioning, qualification and validation has an integral part to play in the life sciences industry. Jobs in CQV can provide a rewarding and progressive career, even taking you around the world. With the life sciences industry one of the fastest growing employment sectors and a leading industry for the United States, CQV Engineer job opportunities are limitless,

If you are a CQV, Process, or Validation Engineer based in the states, or looking for an overseas contract in the US, read here to find out how you can land yourself a CQV Engineer job in the country’s fastest growing life sciences hub – North Carolina. 

Why North Carolina?

The life sciences scene in the US has been growing considerably over the years and is showing no signs of slowing down. A leading state to watch is North Carolina, who in 2021 noted over $2.9 billion of investment into the industry. It is a rapidly growing hub of activity and prime destination for pharmaceutical companies due to its excellent access to local talent.

A booming life sciences market means investment into new facilities and life sciences real estate is on the up. It is within these facility upgrades and new builds that the role of a CQV Engineer is a hot requirement to oversee the safe and accurate installation of manufacturing equipment and systems.

CQV jobs in North Carolina are highly coveted and financially rewarding, and in 2021 alone the state recorded over 4,800 new job vacancies being added to the local economy – so if you are on or aiming for a CQV career trajectory, we suggest taking a look at North Carolina for your next role.

Where to look

As one of North Carolina’s key industries, there are vast opportunities within the copious organisations that house facilities here. In fact, $4 billion worth of investment and the creation of 4,000 jobs has been announced in 2022, with numerous projects proposed – including new construction and conversions totalling over 8.2 million square feet. With these construction projects comes the need for CQV Engineers.

Research Triangle

In general, the Research Triangle area of North Carolina is a real hotbed for Life Sciences organisations, and the pharmaceutical jobs are abundant. Covering 7,000 acres of land and anchored by major cities Raleigh and Durham, the Research Triangle area is home to over 600 life sciences manufacturing and research facilities. Within this is the Research Triangle Park – one of the most prominent high-tech research and development parks in the United States. It is a huge employer for neighbouring cities and is home to some of the industry’s leading organisations, including Pfizer, Takeda, Biogen, GSK and Merck. For those CQV Engineers on the lookout for their next position, here is a fantastic place to start. 

North Carolina CapEx projects

Some notable projects to keep an eye on for their CQV Engineer job opportunities include the Spark LS development project – Fujifilm’s latest advanced campus build in Morrisville set to deliver its first phase in mid-2023. Amgen also broke ground recently on their new $550 million manufacturing facility in Holly Springs, expecting to be completed in 2025. In the Research Triangle Park itself, Biogen has confirmed a new $200 million project adding a further 90 more workers to its head count.

Resume tips

So, we’ve narrowed down where to look for your next CQV Engineer job, now it is time to get the very best out of your resume. Firstly, to become a CQV Engineer you first will need a bachelor’s degree in a scientific or engineering discipline. Make sure that this is a leading detail on your resume.

The role of a CQV Engineer has a strong documentation bias, so make sure that you emphasise your technological writing skills and related experience. It is a good idea to accurately spell and grammar check your application before submitting.

Additional skills and experience to add to your resume:

·        Experience using risk management tools, such as FTA, FMEA, PHA, HAZOP etc

·        Excellent technical knowledge of pharmaceutical/ biopharmaceutical manufacturing techniques and procedures

·        Experience in previous Life Sciences CapEx projects

·        Understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory requirements

·        Knowledge of plant equipment – including API vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, piping etc.

Get in touch with Quanta

With an updated resume and an idea of where to look, the final step to landing your dream CQV Engineer contract or permanent job in North Carolina is to get in touch with Quanta. As a life Sciences recruitment agency specialising in CQV and with a brand-new US office based in the heart of Research Triangle, we are at the forefront of the US’ life sciences scene and have the tools needed to help you find your perfect role. Get in touch with our team today or scroll our CQV jobs in North Carolina