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What it's like to recruit for Data Centres and IT

Nick Cottrell our consultant managing the role
Posted by Nick Cottrell
Published on 21 April 2022

The data centre sector is an exciting industry to be part of at the moment as it has experienced exponential growth over the last five years with more firms realising the positive impact it can have on a business. As a result, the need for data services has increased, with the demand for data recruitment increasing tenfold.

Here at Quanta, we always enjoy taking the time to talk to our brilliant team members to gain insight into the industries that they specialise in. So, we sat down with Nick Cottrel, to talk about his role at Quanta and find out more about recruitment in the data centre sector.

Tell us more about your role at Quanta

My role revolves around generating candidate relationships and I focus on growing the data centre network at Quanta. I work closely with the sales team, who create the business opportunities, and my side of the process is all about targeting skilled candidates.

This involves connecting with professionals, finding out more about their situation and future plans and the current market, and informing them about available opportunities.

How do you feel the data industry has changed over the past two years?

From what I have seen, the data centre market is growing at an incredible rate. The technology is rapidly evolving and improving, and with the increased use of digital technologies, the need for data storage is growing.

We are seeing more funding and opportunity for new technologies, innovations and ideas which is leading to the data market spanning further and further globally. Originally we were seeing investment being limited to the big cities across the world, and now we’re starting to see much more resources being directed to the outer regions of the globe.

Are there any particular challenges that you face in your industry?

I feel like the biggest challenge is that the market now has more opportunities than there are professionals. There are simply not enough skilled data professionals to go around, which is another indicator of how much the industry has grown.

So, trying to maintain the market with such a massive amount of opportunity presents a real challenge to us. However, challenges are part of our role and what makes each day so exciting and rewarding, so we are relishing in them and ready to tackle them head-on.

What do you enjoy most about recruiting in the data centre sector?

I love the fact that this industry is so fast-paced. It’s a high-energy environment and the market is still relatively untapped. There is so much innovation and new technology being introduced which is incredibly exciting.

We are seeing some real changes, such as the emergence of small data centres that are just as efficient as the global powerhouses. Little innovations like these make the market so interesting and there is always something new and fascinating on the horizon.

What do you think the future of the data centre market holds?

I think we are going to start heading into a world where small represents more value than big. We will start seeing more technology being invested into small and compact data centres that deliver the same level of service as their larger counterparts.

In terms of the market, we are going to see more input from cloud-based colocation sites where companies with lower budgets can attempt to compete with the larger firms. Additionally, America has always been ahead of the game for technology, however, they are yet to explode in the data market. I expect some substantial movement across the pond as firms begin to realise the value of data.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the Quanta team?

Do it! Quanta is a brilliant place to work, there is an incredible amount of positive vibes, and we operate in a fantastic atmosphere. The company has a real family feeling and it’s much more than just “coming to work”. There is so much opportunity here and you have all of the resources you need to really succeed in your role. So give it a shot and see for yourself.

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