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5 Renewable Energy jobs that are powering the future

William Sweet our consultant managing the role
Posted by William Sweet
Published on 27 May 2022

Renewable energy growth is accelerating faster than ever worldwide. Societally, we are making the conscious move from unsustainable, harmful energy production sources to those that are more environmentally sound, generating record levels of electricity from renewables in 2021. In turn, renewable energy employment worldwide reached 12 million last year, providing an abundance of lucrative careers.

But which jobs in particular, behind it all, are helping power the future of Renewable Energy? We look at the careers that are driving the industry, and new avenues of employment forward.  

Wind Turbine Technician

Wind Turbine Technicians are one of the fastest growing jobs in the renewable sector. Thanks to the boom in wind energy that continue to see new onshore and offshore farms being built, wind turbine engineers are in high demand. Over the last decade, wind power generated electricity has increased by an astonishing 715% in the UK, and as we continue to shift away from fossil fuels, Wind Turbine Technician jobs are increasingly becoming a future proof career.

Duties of a Wind Turbine Technician involve maintaining wind turbine performance through testing and fault-finding, as well as performing necessary electrical and mechanical repairs.

Construction Manager

As demand for ‘clean energy’ surges, the renewable energy sector are pushing harder than ever to ramp up production. Higher energy needs means greater investment into resources and the construction of new energy plants. In fact, in the UK wind market alone, 135 new wind farms are currently approved and awaiting construction.

Construction Managers lead on the build and installation of infrastructure whilst ensuring project budgets and timeframes are consistently met. Day-to-day, Construction Manager responsibilities will include managing site teams, supervising site activities, purchasing materials, liaising with design managers and promoting site health and safety. As the world races to meet net zero targets, employment for Construction Managers in the field is predicted to increase 11.5% from 2020-2030.

Project Planner

Increased construction of energy plants and farms mean Project Planners are a high-value asset to the renewable energy industry. A Project Planner will manage production schedules and play an important role in getting a construction project off the ground. From managing budgets and timescales, recruiting for staff, and providing necessary resources, Project Planners are involved in construction projects from the very beginning to the final handover.


Engineers form a crucial part of renewable energy sector. Whilst ‘engineering’ encompasses all manner of specialities, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineers are particularly helping drive innovation in clean energy production. With continued construction of energy plants and farms planned for the future, specifically Civil Engineering roles for green energy companies are expected to grow by 11% by 2026.

Solar cells, wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and all the systems that carry electricity from farms and dams are produced through some form of engineering. Engineers form the backbone of renewable energy, and those in the field are finding that an engineering qualification will go a long way for a successful career.

Software Developer

It will come as no surprise that in today’s digital age and the forward-thinking industry of renewable energy, advancements in technology and software are helping fuel the sector’s growth. In fact, custom software has become a necessity when it comes to the operations of energy power plants. It enables us to maximise the value of power we generate through the effective use of data, as well as monitor the performance and health of the energy systems in place.

Whilst the job of a Software Developer is unrelated to generating power, they are transforming the way that energy is distributed, making it more cost effective and helping accelerate the transition to a fossil fuel-free economy.

Do you want to join the future of Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is helping us secure a brighter, safer future. The talent in the industry is the best it has ever been, and careers being created are not only profitable but greatly rewarding. Have these renewable energy roles that are helping power a greener future inspired you? Our expert recruitment team are on hand to discuss how you can land a renewable energy job. Alternatively, view our current vacancies or sign up to our latest job alerts.  

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