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Five ways organisations are benefitting from going green

Carlo Milone our consultant managing the role
Posted by Carlo Milone
Published on 27 June 2022

Today, sustainable energy is at the core of discussions as firms all over the world take action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and shift from climate-damaging fossil fuels toward renewable alternatives. Organisations are setting ambitious renewable energy targets, aiming to achieve the dual mandate of reducing emissions and managing their energy costs.

The technologies for generating renewable energy sources have become more sophisticated, reliable and, cheaper than traditional methods making them an attractive prospect for companies.

Additionally, shareholders, customers and communities are pressuring businesses to take climate action. Two-thirds of Britons believe climate change is a global emergency and support climate action, making it essential for companies to begin to change their operations.

As the implementation of renewable energy increases, here we detail just how sustainable energy can benefit organisations in 2022.

Improving public relations

A large part of a successful business is displaying to their community, clients, and customers that they care about their welfare and the environment around them. Incorporating sustainable energy and going green can be a great way to connect to a customer base and improve public relations.

As the desire to leave as small of an impact on the environment as possible intensifies, it’s important to go above and beyond to exceed the target audience’s expectations. Making the choice to use renewable energy over traditional energy forms could be the difference between a client choosing your business or a competitor’s.

Impact energy bills

If an organisation uses natural resource energy such as oil or gas, they can expect their energy bills to skyrocket. As these resources become harder to come across, the price will only go up, resulting in additional costs for a business.

Renewable energy sources provide an opportunity to cut energy bills while also contributing to the planet’s health. For example, buying solar panels to generate energy can be economically intelligent, and reduce expenses.

Reduce carbon emissions

Global warming is causing very real and serious consequences for our planet and reducing carbon emissions can not only benefit your business but help to secure a greener future. The use of coal and natural gas and other fossil fuels can be some of the biggest contributors to global warming.

The installation of renewable energy sources can drastically reduce your carbon emissions, making your business more sustainable for the planet. There are some forms of renewable energy that produce no global warming emissions at all, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric. Making the switch to a renewable energy form can ensure that a business is doing its part in creating a healthier environment.

A more secure energy supply

Fossil fuels will not last forever as their supply depends more on imports from elsewhere and they are being extracted at an unprecedented rate. Renewable energy sources are often steadier and more reliable than fossil fuels when used in the right environment.

If renewable energy is used to contribute to the grid, it can help to boost the reliability and security of the grid due to increased flexibility. Renewable energies have a better capacity to respond to changes in energy usage. They also provide the opportunity to create a more robust grid system as they are more adaptable for a variety of locations.

Green funding initiatives

Almost £5 billion of funding is available to help UK businesses become greener as part of the government’s commitment to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. In a bid to promote the adoption of green energy, the government gives incentives to companies with renewable energy sources.

These incentives include tax rebates, grants, and tax credits, among others. Grants do not have to be repaid, however, often come with quite strict restrictions on how the finances can be used.

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