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7 exciting Life Sciences locations to keep an eye on

Guy Weekly our consultant managing the role
Posted by Guy Weekly
Published on 27 July 2022

Even in the shadow of a worldwide pandemic, life sciences organisations across the globe are continuously witnessing scientific breakthroughs. A shift towards more data-driven practises, digital transformation and industry collaborations mean that more revolutionary medical discoveries continue to unravel and the industry seems to know no limits. With ground-breaking new developments, such as the mRNA technology breakthrough in 2022, the sector is receiving more investment than ever and countries across the world are fighting to establish themselves in the global market. Here we look at 7 of the most exciting Life Sciences locations round the world to keep an eye on.


The USA continues to lead the way in life sciences, not only in contribution to medicine but within the world of medical technology. Whilst global competition is heating up, the US remain strong in their position, with their pharmaceutical market currently valued at $435 billion having undergone tremendous growth in the past 2 years. The country headquarters 6 of the top 10 pharma companies, including Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Amgen and BMS. A key area of growth in the country is the Raleigh Research Triangle Park, the country’s largest, most comprehensive, continuously operating park in North America.

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The power of France’s contribution to the life sciences market has been noted for some time, and in recent years has received particular attention for its vaccine development. Already a strong global contender, France is ramping up its contribution to life sciences with the recent launch of its Healthcare Innovation 2030 strategy. Currently ranking fifth in the European pharmaceutical market, the country expects that greater access to funding and upgrading research infrastructure will help them make it as European life sciences’ leader.


Currently Europe’s leading biotechnology hub in breakthrough life sciences start-ups, innovation behind the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in 2020 helped bring the UK to the forefront of life sciences discussion. The successful vaccine production demonstrated the country’s medical manufacturing potential, and the UK government are looking to capitalise on this further in their new healthcare initiative. The Life Sciences Vision maps out strategic investment into research, product testing and diagnostic technologies as a way for the UK to continue its contribution to the global life sciences scene over the coming years.


The European Medicines Agency relocation to Amsterdam has helped draw attention to the country’s life sciences presence. It houses some of the world’s leading institutions for high quality Life Sciences research, including the Universities of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen. With access to top talent, easily navigated public transport and its European location, it is becoming an attractive place for life sciences companies to establish manufacturing and research facilities. A blueprint initiated by HollandBio – the country’s biotechnology industry association – is helping to harvest its country’s life sciences sector potential, with plans to build an ecosystem of more than 1,200 companies and 60,000 life sciences jobs by 2030.


Denmark is home to one of the strongest life sciences clusters in the world, and are an established global leader of life sciences research with some of the world’s highest-ranking universities. It is the research generated at these global institutions that form an important part to the Danish life sciences sector because it means that the country is a hotspot for new company start-ups. These start-ups are of high interest for global and international investors, and currently the sector is receiving massive growth due to the volume of local company and foreign investment. The government are helping to push the industry further through their life sciences 2021 – 2023 strategy, with an overarching aim to improve healthcare and make the country a world-class environment for business and science.


Ireland is a life sciences destination to watch. Due to its expansive green space, generous tax incentives and capital allowances, it is an attractive destination for life sciences companies who continue to utilise the country as a home to build new or grow existing manufacturing subsidiaries. In fact, 19 of the top 20 biopharma companies and 8 of the top 10 medical device companies operate in Ireland. The country also provides a gateway into the US and European Life Sciences markets, has a strong connection to the EU and talented local workforce, meaning the country poses incredible potential for the future.

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Australia has had a fairly modest presence in the global life sciences market, but recent plans by the government have been put in place to change this. Whilst the country ranks 8th in the world for life sciences research, new focus is being shifted to Australia’s strength in manufacturing. In the Modern Manufacturing Strategy, this core sector is being leveraged and investment is being directed to establish Australia as a leader in the production of medical products. Global pharmaceutical companies are also beginning to expand their production capabilities in R&D, manufacturing and distribution on Aussie soil. Endorsed by tax incentives from the Federal Government, the investment into these facilities intends to help solidify the country’s sovereign capability and explode their life sciences presence in the years to come.

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