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What is green hydrogen and is it the future of sustainable energy?

Craig Thornton our consultant managing the role
Published on 16 August 2022

The future of the planet depends on renewable energy. Clean, inexhaustible energy sources are safer, often more affordable, alternatives to fossil fuels. According to National Geographic, renewable energy resources are increasing, all thanks to scientists who continue to address clean energy challenges.

Many of these scientists are especially focused on green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is produced by renewably generated electricity (like wind, water, or solar) that splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. This method eliminates the need for carbon emissions, which are expelled when creating blue and grey hydrogen.

With the demand for hydrogen expected to grow from 500–680 million MT by 2050, green hydrogen can be the answer to our energy needs, without being a contributor to climate change!

Like bioenergy solutions, this form of green energy can be extremely beneficial to the environment while remaining useful and reliable. It’s:


100% sustainable

 Green hydrogen does not emit harmful, polluting gases during production or use. This means there are no carbon emissions. Green hydrogen can be produced from diverse domestic resources with the potential for near-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Decarbonising the planet is a global goal and with most energy-driven machines relying on hydrogen to function, well, green hydrogen is a viable solution!


Easy to store 

Hydrogen is easy to store, which means it doesn’t have to be used immediately after production. Hydrogen can be stored physically as either a gas or a liquid and it can be used subsequently for other purposes as and when it’s needed. This ensures that there’s no wastage and that every bit of hydrogen is put to active use.

Other forms of hydrogen can also be stored, but if these emissions were to be accidently released, the environmental implications could be detrimental to the planet.


Green hydrogen is appreciated for its versatility and can be transformed into either a synthetic gas or electricity.

Since green hydrogen produces high-density energy, its fuel efficiency enables a higher energy production per pound of fuel than other non-renewable energy sources. All while releasing carbon emissions.

This potent green energy source can then be used for commercial, domestic, mobility, or even industrial purposes!

Readily available

The planet is predominantly made of water, which means green hydrogen extracted from water is easily available. Unless water reserves drastically reduce over time, we’ll always be able to create massive quantities of hydrogen using water as a source. This makes the element perfect for our future zero-carbon needs for both heat and power supplies.

Neat, clean, and optimally powerful, green hydrogen energy is being researched and improved with the hope of it becoming a predominant source of energy. If this happens, it would eliminate the 830 million tonnes of CO2 that are emitted every year when this gas is produced using fossil fuels.

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