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How battery storage is changing the future of renewable energy

William Sweet our consultant managing the role
Posted by William Sweet
Published on 5 September 2022

Renewable energy has become a priority for many countries trying to reduce carbon footprints. Luckily for these countries, renewable energy technology is at the forefront of innovation, offering multiple solutions that can contribute to a greener, healthier future. One of these developing solutions is renewable battery storage. 

Renewable battery storage is the process of containing clean energy such as solar or wind, and then releasing the power as and when it’s needed. This green energy solution is already posing many benefits and is predicted to have an astronomical influence on the future. 

Here, we take a look at just how battery storage is set to impact the renewable energy sector. 

Net zero carbon production

Engineers are tasked with the job of ensuring electricity grids match supply with demand. Simultaneously, many are also faced with the challenge of achieving net zero carbon production. Slowly but steadily, fossil fuel plants are being phased out and replaced with battery storage alternatives that help engineers effectively power grids and reach this goal. The careers of these engineers are thus becoming easier and significantly more rewarding. 

Reduced energy costs

The UK government predicts that battery storage systems could save the UK energy system up to £40 billion by 2050. This achievement will not only reduce costs and allow governments to use the saved funds in other sectors, but it will ultimately reduce people’s future energy bills. This will be a first in a time where energy costs have been climbing annually. 

Back-up solution for solar-powered technologies 

The key focus of many scientists and engineers has been to ensure that power is still generated even when the sun is not shining, or the wind has stopped blowing. Battery storage enters as a solution. By containing these renewable energy resources, machines and devices can continue to function even when the root of the energy is not available. Power outages will no longer be a concern. 

A green energy solution for homes and small businesses

Most current renewable energy solutions are targeted at powering large factories and companies. Battery storage options will be viable solutions for homes and small businesses, thus spreading the use of clean energy throughout nations. 

The UK alone is currently planning to store 4 GW of renewable energy which is estimated to power up to 6 million homes. This is in addition to the 1 GW of battery storage already in operation.

Creating more green-collar jobs

As governments and countries work toward removing barriers to energy storage projects, we can expect to reap the benefits of more green-collar jobs and a smarter electricity network. Scientists and engineers will also have the opportunity to explore the depths of this green energy solution, continuing efforts to eliminate carbon emissions as we work towards harbouring a sustainable, healthy planet.  

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