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The most in demand IT jobs in 2023

Alex McCrudden our consultant managing the role
Published on 31 January 2023

The IT and technology sector is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. A driver of innovation as well as economic growth, the sector is an incredibly exciting place to be. And with more jobs advertised than there are active job seekers, it is a candidate’s market. So, if you are looking for new opportunities, be it in a fast-paced start-up, innovative tech company or smaller IT department, there has been no better time to land yourself a new IT career. Here’s why we think you should consider a new IT job and the careers that are going to do well in 2023.   

Why should you work in IT?

· Flexibility – For most IT jobs, most of your entire role is based online, meaning that you have the freedom to work at home, in an office, at a café or even nearby to a sunny beach (did you know that IT jobs in Spain are on the rise?)

· High earning – Now more than ever, excellent IT and technology skills have a high price tag. Most of our lives are becoming digitised or automated in some way and knowing your way around software could earn you a seriously lucrative career.

· Autonomy – the market is saturated with IT jobs and there are simply not enough skilled professionals to fill the vacancies. So, you have the freedom to choose a role and a way of working that best suit you. Some benefit from contracting – working shorter periods of time within different projects – whilst others prefer a permanent role, both of which are abundantly available.

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IT Project Manager

Open vacancies for IT Project Manager jobs has increased by 10,000 since 2019. And as companies pursue new ways to technologically advance, the demand for IT Project Managers is growing further still. From overhauling old technology, installing new cybersecurity practises, developing software, designing websites, installing hardware and managing databases – the job of an IT Project Manager is broad and rich with possibility. They manage teams, budgets, strategy and schedules on a project that aligns with the organisation’s overarching business goals.

Software Engineer

The hunger for companies to streamline processes via new software solutions means that Software Engineers are hot property in a highly competitive market. Software Engineers design and develop new programmes and managing systems for computers, and the scope of new advancements over the past decades include cloud services, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and more. It involves more than just putting together code; they also test, maintain and improve upon existing software.  

Network Technician

Network Technicians are becoming an irreplaceable asset in the highly digital modern-day workforce. Rising numbers of remote workers are putting the squeeze on digital solutions and growth in Network Technician jobs is reflecting it. It is a highly technical role and critical of any business setting that use computer networks. A Network Technician’s role includes installing, maintaining, fixing and upgrading computer and network equipment and systems.

Application Support Analyst

It is an Application Support Analyst’s job to look after the health of their company’s online activities. They ensure that services are running seamlessly. For the most part, application support involves checking messages, working through processes and making minor adjustments to the system. But if something goes wrong – such as a system failing – they need to be quick to diagnose the problem, resolve it and send out communications to affected users.

Advance your IT career with Quanta

There has never been a better time to work in IT and the future looks brighter still. So, if you are looking to take a step in a new direction, climb the career ladder or simply experience the flexibility it can afford you – check out our IT jobs or get in touch with our experienced recruitment team at Quanta.