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How Life Sciences in Ireland is impacting the global scene

Caroline O’Sullivan our consultant managing the role
Published on 25 May 2023

The life sciences sector in Ireland is growing at an exponential rate, making it an attractive location for professionals to relocate to. According to Tom Clarke, chair of the Irish Medtech Association and senior director of West Pharmaceuticals, Ireland accounts for 32% of GDP and is fast becoming a gateway to Europe’s med-tech market. But while the life sciences scene in Ireland is certainly booming, the significance lies in its global ripple effect. 

Countries across Europe and beyond are benefitting from Ireland’s thriving life science industry. Here’s how:

Vaccine acceleration and efficiency

Several Irish companies are investing billions into accelerating drug and vaccine research, manufacturing, and distribution. For example, APC plans to use its resources and funding to establish a “Global Centre of Excellence for Vaccine and Advanced Therapeutic Research and Manufacturing.” 

While vaccine development was already underway prior to Covid-19, the pandemic induced a need for faster production and increased vaccine efficiency. Since Ireland already had a well-established medical and life sciences status, it was easy for the country to implement improvements that could be shared on a global scale. 

Refined remote clinical care

Remote clinical care is not a consequence of the pandemic. However, the onset of Covid-19 did influence a greater need for safe medical care that’s conducted remotely yet effectively. Ireland has set the bar high in this regard and has become a country which others look up to for guidance. 

Irish companies such as patient power and HSE Digital Transformation Team advocate these high standards and have won awards for scaled virtual care solutions for Covid-19 and other respiratory patients across Ireland.  This success has encouraged countries globally to embrace the same digital technologies so that they, too, can offer telemedicine and virtual care as an approach to expand the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Pharmaceutical exports

Ireland continues to be one of Europe’s largest pharma exporters, and because of this, many European countries are eager to collaborate with the country. This collaboration has the potential to yield even more significant medical and life sciences results as international investments are attracted, and a cooperative mentality is born. As the countries converge, new opportunities will arise for companies that specialise in precision medicine, digital solutions and connected healthcare – thus enhancing the facilitation of the healthcare journey from the laboratory to the patient.

A rise in life science vacancies

Life sciences Ireland has been a catalyst for the migration of jobs from the UK into Ireland. However, attractive packages abroad are also drawing talent away from Ireland. This is because Ireland’s world-renowned work ethic and education are making Irish life sciences candidates attractive to countries abroad. 

What’s more, is that life sciences jobs are incurring even greater increases than in several other sectors. This is due to the high demand for new and improved medical innovations delivered at better speeds.

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