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Green Technology Advances and The Impact on Our World

Charlee Yearwood our consultant managing the role
Published on 7 August 2023

The global green technology and sustainability market is expected to reach $61.92 billion by 2030, showing immense growth—and a growing number of green energy jobs to match. Humanity’s interest in green technology is only increasing with each year, and this is a very good thing. With the right technology, we can better support the environment and our health.


In this article, we will explore how those with green energy jobs are helping to make the world a better place.

How is Green Technology Evolving?

The future well-being of our planet is dependent upon renewable energy and more effective green technology. Companies and individuals alike are looking to support green technology as a part of our future. The newfound emphasis on this market has led to many recent advancements, including increased energy efficiency and improved business practices.


Green technology is evolving in several different ways and impacting quite a few markets. From renewable energy to sustainable alternatives, the world is pushing for a distinctly green future. Already, more companies are supporting funding in this area, and with increased funding, more green energy jobs and career paths focused on sustainability are becoming available.


The green technology movement is evolving to prioritise greater sustainability, renewable energy, and a brighter future for the planet. With this new focus, humanity can reduce its impact on the planet and develop new and better ways to approach essential processes.

What is Moving the Green Technology Movement Forward?

The green technology movement is being driven by two major factors—awareness and consumer preference.


As more people become aware of the impacts of climate change and the role that humanity is playing, more people are developing an interest in green technology. From reusable shopping bags to solar energy, there is a global push toward a future where we focus on renewability rather than the historical consumption of resources.


A major driver in this shift is the growing awareness of green alternatives, as well as the interests of the average public consumer. More customers are choosing companies with a positive green impact, a fact that is leading companies to prioritise sustainability and renewable energy. When asked, 78% of consumers expressed an interest in choosing environmentally friendly companies, making this change essential for businesses.

Who is Supporting Green Energy Advances — and What Does This Mean?

At the centre of the green technology movement is a growing collection of very talented people working in green energy and renewable energy jobs. These experts are striving to use the power of scientific advancement to bring green power to a growing number of companies.


More companies are leveraging the power of their employees to place a distinct focus on renewable energy, lessening the impact of production on the planet. Renewable energy jobs and green energy jobs help companies to improve their policies, reduce their impact, and appeal to customers too.


In the United States, only 20% of electricity is generated by renewable energy, and other major players are in a similar situation. There is a lot of room for improvement, and those with renewable energy jobs are leading the charge. Every single person who is working in the green energy industry is helping our world to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

Find Renewable Energy Jobs With Quanta

Every industry has the potential to benefit from green technology changes, and we all have something to gain from this transition. As more companies seek to support green energy and sustainability, the need for talented individuals who can bring these changes to life is only growing. To improve our world through renewable energy jobs, find open positions through Quanta and contact our team today!