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Sourcing legally and compliantly

Tom Gorton our consultant managing the role
Posted by Tom Gorton
Published on 15 April 2019

With project timelines, staff turnover and the project’s bottom line all impacted by the quality of contractors working on a project, it makes sense for organisations to seek out suppliers who provide the best in the business.

A global biopharmaceutical business experienced all of the above issues when dealing with their initial suppliers. Due to the poor quality of candidates contracted to them, several members of the global engineering team found themselves unable to finish projects and the client company experienced delays. The supplier didn’t support their candidates, leaving visa and complacency issues to the client and often causing confusion and further delays in the process.

The issues came to a head in Russia, when our client needed to find a construction manager, a senior C&Q engineer, a scheduler and a senior project director for a 3-4 year CAPEX project, a new facility build. They were falling behind, and their current contractors had spent months looking for candidates without success.

It was at this point that they were introduced to the team at Quanta. Having worked with us before, they knew exactly what to expect. They liked our reputation as a fast, efficient contractor with a strong presence in the market and hired us.

Our experience of supporting CAPEX projects, as well as our extensive client and candidate network, made it easy for us to understand our client’s brief. We sourced a construction project manager in our network quickly and easily, identifying someone in-country we could get working compliantly within Russia; something their previous suppliers had been unable to do.

What made our sourcing process stand out was our knowledge of the visa requirements needed to get our contractors working legally within the country. We helped our candidate to get the correct visas and paperwork required and supported them through the application stage. Our compliance team’s thorough knowledge of visa and compliance systems worldwide made it easy for us to source the ideal candidate quickly and easily.

As opposed to the months it took the previous supplier to source a potential candidate, we managed to complete the process in matter of weeks.

Working together, we have since placed high-level candidates in several different countries. Given the variety of locations in which our client company operates, we have worked on projects in Sweden, sourcing contractors for a €200 million biologics facility, and in France, finding people for a $100 million project to refurbish and extend an existing facility.

We’ve faced challenges in both countries: in Sweden, the lack of biologics builds in the country meant that there was an extremely limited talent pool to choose from, requiring us to source candidates from abroad. In France the presence of strong union activity meant that we had to ensure that any consultants we contracted were bilingual and set up to operate compliantly in France.

What has enabled us to source talented, role-perfect workers, no matter how remote the location, is our extensive network of clients and candidates, and our dedication to offering a quality service to both. We understand the importance of visas and compliance and the delays these can cause businesses without the necessary expertise, and we always try to source in-country when we can.

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