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What to ask in a job interview

Joanna Belmar our consultant managing the role
Posted by Joanna Belmar
Published on 11 January 2017

There’s that point in almost every job interview. It’s starting to wrap up and you’ve answered almost every question, except one – is there anything you’d like to ask? Interviewers will be expecting you to have at least one or two questions, so this is where it really pays to prepare. Here are some of our top questions to ask in a job interview:

Demonstrate your research

Whilst carrying out your pre-interview research, start pulling together a few different questions you’d like answered. Chances are many these will be covered during the interview, but this should allow you to determine what you really want to know. What are the project timescales, key milestones and priorities?

Understand the basics

Interviewers may often focus on the bigger pictures, so it can pay to ask them questions about what you’d potentially be doing on a day-to-day basis. What are the expectations for the role? Who would you be reporting into? How does this role fit in with the rest of the team?

Focus on them

A great way to build rapport with your interviewer is to ask a few questions about them – find out how long they’ve been with the company, what their career has been like so far and what they like most about their job. Chances are you’ll get some useful insight – particularly if you’d be working as part of their team. 

Get to know the company culture

Whether you’re planning to work somewhere for 3 months or 2 years, you want to be in an environment that suits you. Ask your interviewer to describe the company culture and management style – do they have any clear values? Are there any key words or phrases that keep coming up? This is a great opportunity to determine whether they’ll be a good fit. 

Take notes

It can also help to take notes during the interview too – particularly if it’s on the phone. Whether there’s something you’d like covering in more detail, or a particular aspect of the job you’re interested in, you can refer back to these and make sure you have all of the information you need.

Your Quanta consultant will be able to support you throughout the interview process. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today.