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Celebrating Women in Recruitment

Josefine Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Josefine Pope
Published on 5 March 2024

This year's International Women's Day theme, "Inspire Inclusion", reminds us of the ongoing journey towards creating a level playing field for everyone in the workplace.  Almost a third of recruitment firms have less than 5% female leaders at the board level. We're committed to being part of the solution, maintaining a 50/50 gender split at the management level and employee level to ensure equal pay opportunities for all genders.

We foster an environment that empowers women in recruitment to thrive - committed to diversity and inclusion with a strong belief that a diverse workforce fuels innovation and drives success. 73% of women in recruitment had no female role model in the workplace and 41% felt that the ‘old boy ethos’ still existed. This is not the case at Quanta, take it from our incredible employees.


Employee Spotlights


We asked some of our recruiters if there was anything they wanted to share about their experience as a woman in recruitment, or about being part of Quanta’s team:

“I was interested in working in recruitment for the opportunity to earn commission and increase earnings by growing my client portfolio. Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far in the industry is that the construction industry is very male dominated – I have found thoroughly learning about the industry makes me credible and a trusted professional industry. International Women’s Day is a great way to empower women and the recruitment industry can contribute to this through continuing to promote women within leadership positions. There are many female role models at Quanta, from successful consultants, to one of our highest billers, to our finance director and our operations director. Quanta’s culture of diversity and inclusion has been beneficial to me when working with clients who also empower women and have a strong leadership team, this creates a true collaboration where our goals our aligned. Recruitment is historically a male oriented industry, but Quanta have been breaking that mould for years!”

Charlotte Clarke – Principal Consultant 


“The Financial Benefits initially drew me into a career in recruitment and ultimately Quanta, since working within this niche area, I have been able to purchase my own home !”

Kathryn Taylor – Principal Consultant


“The thing that drew me to recruitment was how rewarding it could be! The biggest challenges I’ve faced as a woman in recruitment is dealing with the ups and downs. In terms of ups, I’ve assisted a female contractor relocating to Denmark for her dream job, she contacts me all the time with updates and is endlessly grateful which is an amazing feeling. I think International Women’s Day is extremely positive as it celebrates equality for women worldwide. Quanta already does a lot to support this, but the recruitment industry could improve by helping women to land more senior roles in a male dominated environment. I have found Quanta consistently promotes each individual, regardless of gender, to achieve their potential. They are passionate that everyone can succeed. The advice I would give women considering a career in recruitment is just go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose.”

Abbie Stier – Delivery Executive


“Female mentors that have inspired me: our very own Virginie Taffin – my first ever Female manager and what a difference! I joined Quanta at a very difficult time in my life. I was rock bottom and not afraid to say that I was struggling mentally. We were in the middle of a pandemic, I had lost my best friend in the world, my father and lost my job. I had zero confidence in myself and struggled to move forward. Virginie was an angel! She supported me, spent time making sure I was ok and checked in with me all the time. Virginie will always be my number one manager and it will take a lot to top the support and guidance she gave me getting me through such a tough time. Incredible woman!

How does Quanta promote the development of women in recruitment? You can see it first-hand. I have seen multiple promotions into more leadership roles and it’s amazing to see women achieving what I had only experienced of males previously. At Quanta, everyone is treated the same no matter your sex, race, ethnicity, on site/remote etc.

What advice would you give to women considering a career in recruitment at Quanta? Just do it! don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it. If you have the drive and determination than anything is possible – Believe in yourself! Girl Power!”

Hannah Smith – Delivery Executive


Considering recruitment as a career?


Fulfil your recruitment potential with Quanta! We are a recruitment company established in four industries: life science, renewable energy, data centres, and IT with 30+ years of experience. We offer exciting opportunities for career growth, coupled with a diverse and inclusive environment that values your unique contributions.

We make sure that our employees will receive equal pay for work of equal value. To add to this, pay and benefits are regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure pay parity. We ensure everybody is treated equally and receives the same flexible working options as well as equality of pay.

If Quanta sounds like the place for you, please look at our job openings