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6 reasons you should become a recruitment consultant in 2023

Daniel Wood our consultant managing the role
Posted by Daniel Wood
Published on 16 January 2023

A fresh new year… time to make a change in your career?    

January is a time for reflection. Looking back at the past year and asking yourself ‘is what I am doing making me happy?’, ‘is there anything that I can change?’, and ‘what opportunities can I seize in the new year?’. It’s also a hot month for job-hunting, with around one in five workers hitting the job boards to see if they can make a positive career change for the year ahead. 

If this is you, a job in recruitment might just be what you’re after. Whether you’re a fresh faced graduate, seasoned pro in another field, or even a non-experienced newbie (to the world of employment), there is a place in recruitment for you. Here’s why you should consider a career in recruitment in 2023:   

Recruitment consultant jobs are growing

As the employment market drastically increases, with job vacancies in 2022 reaching record highs, it’s not surprising that the demand for recruitment consultant jobs are on the up. In fact, last year, recruitment job vacancies reached three to five times the number before the pandemic. This is fantastic news if you’re looking for a recruitment career because there are opportunities across the country that are ripe for the picking. 

Make money

Money is a huge driver for career switchers. And in today’s current climate more people than ever before are looking for ways maximise their earning potential in new jobs and industries. In recruitment, the opportunity to make money can be limitless. Most recruitment agencies (like us – an award winning Berkhamsted based recruitment agency) offer a base salary and commission structure built on top. For the highflyers that are able to smash their targets as well as make placements, we have a fantastic annual bonus structure too! If money is your motivator, a job in recruitment might be an excellent fit. See here for our financial benefits.

Learn a fascinating field

Recruitment agencies tend to specialise in certain fields; at Quanta, for example, we hire within Life Sciences, Renewable Energy and Data Centres & IT. As a recruitment consultant working within an agency, you will be tasked with hiring for the industries your company specialise in. As a result, you will get to know the industry intimately and become an expert in it yourself. This can open many doors for your future and being able to continuously learn will keep you constantly motivated.

Own your career

Working in recruitment can give real autonomy over your role. You will be out independently winning clients, self-managing a personal network of candidates and contractors, as well as navigating a schedule that suits you. Being able to work as your own boss can be a huge perk as a recruitment consultant.

Make a difference to a person’s life

Jobs are livelihoods. Being in a staffing role means that you could help unite a person with not only their dream job but help them secure their financial future. As a recruiter, you will be with the candidate through the whole journey and see the difference that your work makes. From an initial conversation, to interview preparation, extending offers and wishing them well in their future role – it is an incredibly rewarding part of the job for a recruiter. 

Grow your career

Recruitment has fantastic career growth opportunities. Whether you’re looking to climb directly up the ladder, mobilise into different positions across the business, work with external clients or in a talent acquisition job, there are so many pathways that are open to you in recruitment. The skills you will hone during a recruitment career can seriously advance your professional growth and future too. On top of this, recruitment agencies understand how valuable investing in their staff can be. They recognise their team as leaders of the future and the industry is full of learning and training opportunities – and we’re no different here at Quanta. Our award-winning learning and development team are constantly evolving our training programmes and learning is a constant opportunity here.

Build your Recruitment Career with Quanta

If you’re a passionate people person with a drive to build a successful and rewarding career, look no further. The recruitment industry is a thriving and lucrative place to be in 2023, and the job opportunities are endless.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to join an award-winning recruitment agency that will invest in your future with you. Check out our live recruitment jobs here.