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Our top tips on how to impress at your next interview

Daniel Wood our consultant managing the role
Posted by Daniel Wood
Published on 3 May 2023

We know that job interviews can be nerve-racking business, that’s if you even get there in the first place as each job receives on average 188 applications and only 20% of those are offered an interview. Proof that it’s worth putting the time in to ensure you make a good and lasting impression on the interviewer. Here are our tips for a successful interview…


1.   Do your research

It certainly pays to research the company you are interviewing for and the industry too. Research shows that 47% of candidates fail at a job interview because they didn’t research the company enough. So, use the knowledge to help you put together questions for the interviewer and promote your most suited skills. 

Research doesn’t have to just be for what the company do or their industry, take a look at the business’ culture too, see if you would be a good fit. According to a Bullhorn survey, nearly 57% of interviewers said one important factor in their decision making is how well the candidate’s personality meshed with the employer.

2.   Don’t be sub PAR

Preparing well for your upcoming job interview is the best way to combat nerves and feelings of anxiety. We recommend preparing for the most common interview questions using the PAR method.




You will have structured responses to any questions asked which means you will stay focused and avoid nervous rambling.

As the old saying goes “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. 


3.   Don't Sell yourself short

Selling best qualities and skills doesn’t come naturally to everyone, in fact studies have proven that women find it harder to self-promote than men. To tackle the self-doubt become familiar with the job description, match your skills to those listed and back these up with result achieving evidence.

4.   Ask questions

Compile a list of at least 5 questions that you can choose to ask at the end– you will be able to narrow them down with what you have discussed in the interview. Asking questions is another great way of showing interest in the position and gaining a better understanding of the company, its culture and the day-to-day tasks of your next potential role.

5.   Practice out loud

Practicing your answers and introduction out loud helps you iron out any creases, increases your confidence and you will sound clearer and more focused on the day. But make sure you don’t overdo it; you could risk sounding too scripted and robotic.

6.   Check your tech

Pre-pandemic 22% of employers used video interviews but between 2020 and 2021 we have seen a 67% increase. Which means the probability of attending a virtual interview is high, and we know that technology can cause problems. Put some time aside for a technical practice run so any hitches faced can be solved before the real thing.  

7.   First impressions

It’s not a myth that first impressions are important, Forbes reported that even though the average interview is 40 minutes long, the interviewer decides within the first 90s seconds whether you’ll be a successful candidate.

With this in mind remember to smile, wear appropriate clothing and maintain eye contact – a survey showed that 67% of hiring managers that counted out candidates that struggled to keep eye contact. 


If you would like to put our tips into practice and have a sales or recruitment background, we have a number of recruitment jobs available. Apply today or speak to Dan for more details.