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How to get the most out of your recruiter

Josefine Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Josefine Pope
Published on 6 November 2017

Whether it's your first time using a recruitment consultancy, or you’ve already established a long-term relationship, there are always ways that you can get more out of the partnership. Recruitment agencies are a lifeline for both businesses and job seekers, and the industry is expected to grow by up to 6.9% this year alone, meaning consultants will be busier – and more in demand – than ever. National placements are at a six-month high, according to APSCo’s September Professional Recruitment Trends report, with recruiters playing a crucial role in searching for niche professional talent – and matching candidates up with brilliant opportunities. 

If you're considering looking for a new role, our tips on getting the most out of your recruiter should help.

Sharpen up your CV

Hiring managers spend an average of three minutes and 14 seconds looking at a CV, according to the New College of Humanities, which makes it essential for your CV to highlight your key skills, experience and attributes as effectively and efficiently as possible. Avoid over-complicating things with irrelevant details or out-of-date experience, while also steering clear of being too simplistic and vague. Instead of saying you’re a team player, for example, detail how your contribution to a team on a particular project created a positive outcome.

We recommend our candidates focus on the challenges they have faced in previous roles, and how they've overcome them. Employers like to see examples of how you've added value in previous roles, with your core skills put forward alongside relevant qualifications and education. And don’t forget that a CV for contract opportunities should be different to a permanent CV, so speak to your recruiter to find out how you can hone yours to perfection.

Be clear about your skills and experience

One in every four UK vacancies are perceived to be hard to fill by companies due to a lack of appropriately skilled candidates, according to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Recruiters are always looking to match the right skills with the right roles, and it makes our job easier when we know exactly what our candidates are capable of. If you have experience working with cutting-edge technology, in a niche role or a sought-after industry, let us know, as that gives us more ammunition with which to sell your skills.

Communicate regularly

We love building quality relationships with both candidates and clients, and our most successful partnerships are those where communication is clear and open. Provide feedback to your recruiter after interview stages, and if you have any concerns or reservations about a potential role, let your agency know as soon as possible so they can help to mitigate this.

Even when you're happily settled within a role, we still like to keep in touch with past and present candidates to find out how they're getting on. We're invested in your career journey, and are on-hand to provide support as you navigate your new role, particularly when you take on a new contract.

If you up-skill, gain new qualifications or experience any changes that might influence your future roles, let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure we're representing you in the best possible way.

Put your best foot forward

The candidates we turn to time and time again for lucrative projects and exciting new roles tend to be the ones who present themselves well to clients and receive positive feedback from positions we've put them forwards for. Simple things like arriving on time, dressing appropriately for the interview and being prepared with relevant documentation and examples can all go a long way into portraying a professional version of yourself.

A significant 33% of employers know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone or not, according to The Undercover Recruiter, which shows just how important first impressions are. Our consultants will be on-hand before your interview to provide advice on guidance on everything from what to prepare and wear to what types of questions to expect, and will seek out feedback from clients at every stage.

Find out more

With over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment industry and a wealth of knowledge accumulated in our niche markets, we’re proud to place candidates in some of the biggest and best businesses around the world. We offer both contract and permanent recruitment solutions and always put our candidates first, which is why so many of them work with us time and again. Contact us here to find out how we can help you or register with us today.