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The career 'resetters' choosing to go freelance

Charlotte Dennis our consultant managing the role
Published on 20 November 2017

A report from Britain Thinks and Investec Click & Invest has revealed that more people are making changes to their lives, thanks to more confidence in their abilities and a ‘can do’ attitude.

In a survey of 3,652 people across the UK, over a third revealed they have already with a further 32% planning to make a major change to their lifestyle over the coming years – such as a new job or changing to a more rewarding career.

The report found that 10% of the population are ‘Recent Career Resetters’, with 68% changing their career in the last year to something they feel more passionate about and 23% choosing to go freelance. 

Resetters are also revealed to be driven, motivated hard workers who plan carefully. Recent Career Resetters are almost twice as likely to be networking than others, and 81% are always working towards their next goal.

Viki Cooke, Founding Partner of Britain Thinks, said: “Our research identifies that across the population there is a move towards empowerment as people recognise that in a world of increasing uncertainty, they need to take control of their lives and ‘Reset’. This has implications for work and careers, lifestyle and financial planning. We see this as a societal trend which is set to continue.”

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