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5 reasons why you should consider working in Dublin

Caroline O’Sullivan our consultant managing the role
Published on 28 February 2017

Dublin is famous for many things, from its vibrant nightlife and picturesque vistas to its friendly locals - not to mention its love of a little drink called Guinness. If you’re considering a move to the Irish capital, here are five compelling reasons to help make your decision easier:

For the quality of life

When considering a move to a new destination, quality of life is one of the most important factors to consider for both you and your family. The umbrella term covers factors such as health, happiness, education, employment, environment and safety, all of which are taken into account when thinking about your overall experience of life. So how does Dublin rank in global quality of life indicators?

Mercer’s 18th Annual Quality of Living survey placed Dublin ahead of London, Edinburgh, New York City and Tokyo, coming in at a commendable 33rd place. The city’s stable political environment, low pollution levels and positive socio-cultural environment have been cited as main reasons for its success in the survey.

For the cost of living

While life in Dublin can be more expensive than other parts of Ireland, it’s considerably cheaper than London and some other parts of the UK, thanks largely to its significantly more affordable property prices (both buying and renting). Transport is also more affordable than in the English capital, as is childcare.

Dublin’s cost of living is generally cheaper than other major cities such as New York, Sydney and Singapore, yet it still packs a powerful punch when it comes to entertainment, nightlife and culture. There’s nothing better than getting more bang for your buck!

For the business opportunities

Ireland’s low taxation, English language and European location have seen many large international companies relocate there, and while the economic recession hit the nation hard, things are looking up for employment in the capital. Unemployment rates have improved over the last year and are at their lowest since 2008, showing increased economic stability in the region.

As for specific jobs, demand for people skilled in IT and life sciences continues to boom. Ireland is currently being invested in heavily for biopharmaceutical new builds, creating plenty of opportunities for contractors to take up longer-term projects there. We have a range of vacancies across Dublin and Ireland and we’re always looking for skilled candidates to take up positions in the Emerald Isle, so this could be the perfect next career step for you.

For the fresh air

If you’re moving to Dublin from the hustle and bustle of London, Dublin will feel like a breath of fresh air. With lower levels of air pollution and less congestion, the city has the advantage of having plenty of entertainment opportunities while still being near countryside such as County Wicklow, Eniskerry and the seaside town of Skerries. Enjoy day trips to the peace and quiet of nature reserves and spend your nights painting the town red at one of Dublin’s 751 pubs for the best of both worlds.

For the people

It’s been said that the Irish are some of the friendliest people in the world, and indeed the nation has been ranked as the world’s friendliest by Lonely Planet in 2008. As for Dublin itself, Conde Nast voted the capital as the third friendliest city in the world in 2016, making it a brilliant option for singles and families alike looking to relocate. So what are you waiting for? Discover our latest opportunities today.