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What does your body language say about you?

Charlotte Dennis our consultant managing the role
Published on 24 April 2017

Whilst many people focus on what they will say in a job interview, body language is often just as important. A potential employer will already have a good idea of whether you can do the job from your CV, with the interview giving them the opportunity assess whether you’d be a good fit for the team.

So how can you ensure that your body language gives you an advantage? Here’s our advice: 

Start off strong: Believe it or not, almost every interviewer will judge you by your handshake. So make it count. Greeting your interviewer with a firm handshake will demonstrate your confidence will get you off to a great start.

Avoid fidgeting: You may not realise you’re doing it, but shifting in your seat, wringing your hands or regularly touching your hair is the easiest way to reveal your nerves. If you want to avoid this, sit comfortably with your hands in your lap, or on the desk.

Maintain eye contact: This is a great way to build trust, develop a connection with your interviewer(s) and demonstrate your interest. Just be careful not to stare, as that could have the opposite effect.

Mirror mirror: It can be tricky to get the balance right on this one, but subtly mirroring your interviewer’s body language is one of the best non-verbal ways to build a bond.

Share your attention: If you’re in a panel interview, make sure you’re not focusing all of your attention on the person who’s asking most of the questions. If there’s more than one person in there it’ll be for a reason, so make sure to include everyone.

Show you’re listening: Nod in agreement and write notes to show you’re paying attention and are interested in what your interviewer is telling you. 

Don’t forget to smile: A job interview isn’t a test! It’s an opportunity to meet with a prospective employer and for both of you to determine whether it’s a good match. So be friendly, relax and smile!

The Quanta team is always on hand to support you throughout the interview process. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today.