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Is contracting the future of the working world?

Caroline O’Sullivan our consultant managing the role
Published on 8 May 2017

No matter which industry you look to, contracting is becoming an increasingly appealing way of working. From a client perspective, contracting allows businesses to fill skills gaps quickly and effectively, with most contractors being qualified and capable of hitting the ground running when they take on a new project. It’s also cost-effective, with fewer of the costs associated with recruiting, training and retaining a permanent payroll employee.

As for candidates, contracting can often offer higher rates than permanent work, along with providing a wider variety of projects and work environments. Location and technology can also be a draw card for contractors, as can the ability to develop new skills. 

So with contracting an attractive option for both parties, it’s no surprise that numbers are on the rise in the UK. As of April 2015, there were more than 1.88 million freelancers and contractors in the UK, according to a study produced by Kingston University. As organisations increasingly turn to project-based work, they are seeing the appeal in assembling teams as and when they need them, for a set period of time only. Workers who once valued job security and a steady pay now seek flexibility and autonomy in their work, and employers are realising the value in attracting these people (many of whom are Millennials) to bolster their core staff.

Why choose this lifestyle? 

The contracting lifestyle offers a flexibility rarely seen in the permanent workforce, where contracts are on a fixed-term basis and you can move on to a new project once the current one is complete. We often find our Quanta contractors are offered extensions, however if you’d rather opt for a new location or are interested in working with different technologies, you have the freedom to do so. Most of our industries are heavily candidate-driven, which means your skills will likely be in demand and you can choose the projects that appeal to you most. It’s a brilliant way to try out lots of different work environments, processes and procedures, along with giving you the freedom to move to new locations and select work based on what is most important to you. You’ll meet a wide variety of people, many of whom will teach you new skills, and have the opportunity to work hard for the duration of your contract and then take an extended holiday if you choose.

What’s expected of you

Quanta contractors are special – they’re skilled and qualified in our sectors (life sciences, renewable energy and ICT) and are known within the industry for being able to hit the ground running. A successful contractor is completely committed to the project they’re working on, doing what’s expected of them and then some, and perform all work to a high standard.

As Quanta doesn’t operate a PAYE initiative, you’ll need to have a designated umbrella company or a private limited company for payments to be processed. You’ll have to consider your tax payments and pay slips, plus the fact that you won’t usually get sick or holiday pay.

Contracting at Quanta

The future of contracting is looking brighter than ever at Quanta. The IT industry in particular is looking toward more project- and contract-based work, whereas the renewables sector is always looking for skilled candidates to fill roles in major projects, particularly in offshore wind. Our clients are always looking for skilled, experienced workers who can come onto a project and immediately add value, and we notice many of our clients offering extended and repeat contracts those who do.

We’ll help out with international mobilisation to help get you settled in new locations and provide plenty of guidance and advice to ensure you can get down to business quickly and easily.

We’re rolling out an automated timesheet system to give both contractors and clients a superior experience, and will continue to provide the best possible communications we can to our valued Quanta contractors. It’s a great time to be a contractor at Quanta – why don’t you join us?