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4 simple ways to use LinkedIn to get a new job

Charlotte Dennis our consultant managing the role
Published on 26 June 2017

If you’re considering a new challenge, LinkedIn can be a great tool - especially if you use it in the right way. So what can you do to get ahead?

Boost your profile

It’s important to think of your LinkedIn profile as another version of your CV. Utilise every aspect of your profile to demonstrate your skills, experience and achievements throughout your career.

Easy ways to do this? Make sure you have a professional profile picture, detail your relevant experience and include any specific skills and qualifications employers may be looking for. Don’t forget to add any languages you speak, especially if you’re hoping to work abroad.

Write an engaging summary

A section that’s often overlooked, your summary gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to your LinkedIn connections – and potential employers. Make the most of it by giving an overview of your career to date, highlighting your key strengths and anything you’re particularly proud of.

Be sure to think about keywords too. What will recruiters be searching for? If you’re not sure, read through your current job spec or an advert for a job you’re interested in and pick out key programmes, systems or skills that keep coming up.

Customise your profile URL

Have you customised your LinkedIn profile URL? It’s one simple way to make your profile easy to find and share.

If yours is currently set up with your name and a whole range of random numbers, click on the URL link on your profile page and change it to something a bit more memorable. If possible, your first and last name is ideal. Once you’ve done this make sure to include it on your CV and on your email signature too.

Show recruiters you’re available

One of LinkedIn’s latest features allows you to tell recruiters that you’re open to opportunities and specify the type of company you’d like to work for.

And there’s no need to shout about the fact you’re looking for something new and risk an awkward situation. In fact, your manager won’t even know. When you mark that you’re open to opportunities this will only be seen by professional recruiters and won’t be visible to your employer.

To do this, simply click on the Jobs tab on LinkedIn and select Preferences. Here you can flick the ‘on’ switch to show recruiters you’re open to opportunities and select what you’re looking for. You’ll then show up in specific searches and increase your chances of being seen – and contacted – by the right people.

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