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Top tips for a phone interview

Joanna Belmar our consultant managing the role
Posted by Joanna Belmar
Published on 26 June 2017

Convenient and quick, phone interviews are becoming even more popular – especially for contract roles based abroad. If you’ve got a phone interview coming up, here are our top tips to help you: 

Remember the basics

Set yourself up in a quiet and tidy room to avoid distractions or interruptions, and make sure you’ve got a good phone signal – use a landline if you can. After all, you don’t want your call cutting out just as you start to go into depth about why you’d be the right person for the role.

Remember your manners

Don’t chew gum, eat or drink during the interview, but have a glass of water on hand. Listen carefully to the questions you’re asked and make sure you don’t interrupt the interviewer.

Take your time

Speak clearly and try not to rush your answers – it’s absolutely fine to pause for a moment to compose your thoughts and give a measured response. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat a question if you didn’t hear it properly.

Write notes

It’s not as easy to take notes in a face to face interview, so make the most of it! Write down everyone’s names and job titles, key points and anything else you might want to refer to again. It’ll also help in forming questions to ask towards the end of the interview.

Give yourself an advantage

Print out a copy of your CV and the job description to refer to throughout the interview – it’ll also help when talking through your experience and how it matches up to the job. If you can, keep the company website open to help navigate any tricky questions – just don’t make it too obvious!

Build rapport

It can be difficult whilst on the phone, but try to engage with your interviewer(s) as much as possible. Show your interest by asking questions about their job and the company culture, taking notes you can refer to in future conversations. 

Don’t forget your body language

Your interviewer may not be able to see you, but it might help to imagine that they can. Dress smartly, sit up straight and don’t forget to smile – they’ll be able to tell.

Utilise expert advice

Your Quanta consultant will support you throughout the interview process, providing crucial insight and advice to help you get ahead. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today.