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Celebrating Jackie’s 15 years working at Quanta

Jackie Robinson our consultant managing the role
Published on 8 July 2021

Every work anniversary matters. But anniversaries as special as this one can’t go by without a big celebration.

2006 was an important year for Quanta. The company was growing strongly in all market sectors and the future looked good… except our accounting processes were not keeping up to speed with the business growth. We needed someone who was quick, knowledgeable, and able to deal with the pressure of a very demanding accounting function. That was when Jackie joined us.

She came onboard as a Financial Controller and is now our Associate Director of Finance. It’s important that Jackie, and the rest of our team, can progress without limitation. This is why we work hard to create an environment that is as dynamic as it is fun. But that’s enough from us. Over to Jackie, who has a few things to share about her last 15 years working at Quanta.

When did you join Quanta and why?

Before Quanta, I was working as a Financial Controller for an automotive management consultancy company. To be honest, I needed a change, and it was time to move on. I’d previously worked more with sales teams, and I wanted that vibe back. So I joined Quanta.

“The work in the accounts department has grown exponentially. This has not been an easy journey, but throughout this period Jackie has been a bastion of support, managing our accounts department and providing the accounting services that a company of our size and complexity needs. Our auditors have said for every year Jackie has been here, the Quanta accounts are the most reliable and accurate out of all their clients. That is a true accolade! This could not be achieved, of course, without a good accounts team behind her, but also it is a result of her total dedication and unquestionable commitment to Quanta.” – Stephen Trigg, CEO

What do you love most about your job?

It’s the variety really. I work in finance and there’s the impression that it can be pretty boring. But in my role at Quanta, I get to work closely with various teams, like sales, contracts and compliance and HR. Last year we did set ups for the US and European offices, so that involved speaking to various people for our research and seeking out the differences in how agencies work in the US compared to the UK, covering payroll, taxation and how this differs from one US state to the next.

My team are fabulous. We are ‘proud to be different’ because we are not what you’d imagine when you think of a typical finance team. Firstly, we all have a great sense of humour. I think the hardest part about working remotely has been not being able to bounce off people in the team.

What has been your proudest moment since working at Quanta?

It’s the small things really, anything from sailing through the various audits and seeing team members develop. And when I complete the simpler tasks and know I’ve done a good job I always feel proud, especially when it’s something outside my comfort zone. But maybe my proudest moment was my promotion to Associate Director -Finance.

“I have some amazing memories of working with Jackie over the past 15 years. She is one of the most dedicated, tenacious and loyal colleagues that I’ve had the pleasure of ever working with. We have had a serious amount of laughter along the journey and with Jackie’s cackle - it can be heard all over the office and beyond!! Her attention to detail, precision and care for Quanta’s financials is a prime reason why 15 years later, our finances are very strong, and under her financial stewardship, I know we continue to be in very safe hands! I’m lucky enough to call Jackie my friend and truly look forward to much more laughter with her in the coming years, enjoying a cocktail or glass of Malbec.” – Spencer Trigg, Director

Where have you seen the company values in action?

I love the value of ‘proud to be different’. Quanta appreciates that not everyone is the same - we have different personalities and I think that’s one thing I look for in my team. I like people who come in and challenge the status quo. It’s what makes Quanta unique .

Also, the ‘investing in our future’ value because we have access to training if we want to improve ourselves. Over the years the training has helped me to become more self-aware and let me reflect on how I work with my team. I’m one of these people who like things to be perfect and expect the same from others. Working with the development coach made me appreciate my team. Not everyone is perfect, and you have to accept that.

What has kept you working at Quanta for the last 15 years?

I would say the people are a major reason. The company itself has evolved and grown five times bigger. Now we are global and expanding into new markets – like our plan to have a team out in the US – there are more exciting opportunities on the horizon.

Quanta is a good place to work. They listen, do surveys and take on board what people say. Plus, there’s no hierarchy - the directors and shareholders are still involved, sit on the main floor and are approachable.

Jackie is incredibly knowledgeable, honest and meticulous which has contributed to her success as director of the finance function, and she is an asset to Quanta. Jackie is not only dedicated in her own work but also in helping those around her succeed. Jackie is a pleasure to work with and will lighten up any room with her wit, big smile and unmistakeable laugh. I look forward to working with her for years to come.”- Louie Gibbons, Management Accountant

Have you got any advice for someone thinking of joining the Quanta team?

Take a look at our roles definitely! We work hard and get rewarded for it. The company is stable, they are always interested in developing people, and I just think it is a good place to work. So although we put in the work, we do have that fun element and great incentives .

Think Quanta could be the place for you?

When job searching, we know as well as anyone how important it is to find a company that is the right match for you. If you’ve enjoyed hearing about Jackie’s time working with us and want to hear more stories from our team, you can find out more about life at Quanta .

We are always seeking brilliant new people. If you think this could be, why not join the team ?