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Why 2022 could be the year for your new career

Josefine Pope our consultant managing the role
Posted by Josefine Pope
Published on 26 January 2022

Come January, it is customary to cobble together a list of self-improvements to work on with hopes of putting your best foot forward into the year ahead. But what better way to take charge of your future than seizing a brand-new career opportunity?

As the so-dubbed ‘great resignation’ continues in 2022, there are now more job vacancies on the market than ever before. With recent industry growth, a global hiring surge, and a new year ahead - there is no better time than now to find your new venture.

You’re in the driving seat

For the first time in a generation, there are more jobs on the market than there are candidates, meaning that when searching for your next role, you have the power. With highly qualified and knowledgeable workers leaving to pursue other opportunities, companies are anxious to fill the growing holes in their workforce, putting new hires in an excellent position for negotiation. Establishing terms of employment that are beneficial to your situation could be the key to securing your next role in a happier, and more rewarding environment.

Growing industries mean growing opportunities

With the global economy pushing towards post-pandemic recovery, there are many industries leading the way, with data and healthcare sectors thriving, as well as Renewable Energy. Alongside these rapidly growing industries, the demand for talent increases, and exciting new career paths are abundant. 2021’s COP26 climate change conference has directed renewed attention towards sustainability, and the commitment to producing clean energy. As the UK works towards their 2030 targets, greater investment is being funnelled into building new projects, such as Energy from Waste plants and Wind Farms, creating numerous jobs.

New year, new you

The start of 2022 brings promises of a fresh beginning, and the turn of this new year could be exactly the motivation needed for you to switch up your career. By changing role, company or even industry, the door opens to many opportunities to enhance your professional skills and can lead to improved job satisfaction and overall happiness. Not only is the new year the ideal time to invest in yourself and your future, January and February are also the months that companies have a recruitment surge. With people moving on and new annual budgets being created, hiring becomes a priority and new positions open, meaning that there is no better time than now to reach out and discover the opportunities that await.

Are you in demand?

An increase in job vacancies also means a heightened demand for specific skillsets, lending an excellent opportunity to take your expertise to a new company searching for fresh talent. One thriving sector, due to digital advances over the past several years, is data. The need for individuals with data skills is growing at an exponential rate, with research finding up to 234,000 roles requiring hard data skills being recruited for in the UK. With no signs of the data market slowing down soon, now is an exciting time to be working within the industry.

Not only are industry specific skills and knowledge highly coveted in today’s market, but there has also been a global shift in the demand for experience based ‘soft’ skills. A study by the World Economic Forum found that abilities such as problem solving, active learning and critical thinking will be highly sought over the next several years. If you can demonstrate these assets as a solution to an organisation’s business needs within your application, there could be an excellent chance of attracting their attention.

 A future in recruitment

Recruitment has undergone vast changes since the start of the pandemic, and as a result is an industry that is driving innovation, discovering boundless opportunities, and an exciting place to be in 2022. The role of a recruiter is diverse; tasks vary from day-to-day, providing excellent opportunities to develop your professional skills, enhance your CV and progress within the industry. Technological advances in recent years have ensured that recruitment is continually evolving, with tools such as LinkedIn and virtual meeting platforms making it easier to be proactive, generate sales, and ultimately achieve a handsome bonus. Above all, having a positive impact in an individual’s life by helping them achieve their dream role is an incredibly fulfilling aspect of a career in recruitment, and in turn, will have a significant impact on your own job satisfaction.

Every day at Quanta, we unite people with life changing industries, and know exactly how significant the prospect of changing career can be. For advice and guidance, contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with one of our specialist consultants.