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People at Quanta: Mark Chaumeton

Hannah McMurray our consultant managing the role
Published on 27 October 2022

Mark Chaumeton is a talented, dedicated and driven member of the fantastic Quanta team, bringing with him a wealth of energy and will to succeed. He joined Quanta in 2021 and has already had a significant impact on establishing and growing our presence in the United States. We sat down with Mark to talk a little bit more about his time at Quanta. 

Tell us a little bit more about your role

I joined Quanta about 18 months ago and had worked in recruitment for four years previously. I came into Quanta to start in a new industry, so I took a step back and spent the first six months as a Delivery Executive. So, that involved supporting the sales team in reaching out to candidates and filling available roles. 

The plan was always for me to transition into a sales role after six months, so now my role is as a Principal Consultant. From there my role has been purely US focused for the business. I’ve been working with our major life sciences clients from the United States, building relationships with them and supporting them with their project work across mainly the east coast. Helping business growth in the US is my primary goal and my plan long-term is to move across the pond to really dig into our expansion and I’m thrilled to be part of the team that’s taking Quanta to the US. 

How has your role at Quanta developed?

I’ve completed three training courses since I’ve arrived at Quanta so I’ve really enjoyed developing my skills over the last year and a half. We have a dedicated Learning and Development team that implements rigorous training plans for the whole of Quanta.

When I first joined I did a course called “fast track to Delivery Executive” which helped me to develop all of the skills that I needed to succeed as a Delivery Executive. I found that quite difficult as it was during the pandemic, however, it was so useful and has set me up for where I am in my career now

Straight after that I embarked on a sales course which helped me to understand the difference between the sales side and the delivery side, as well as showing me the Quanta way. As my role developed I started the MAPSTAR training which is a 21-week intensive course. We would have 7 sessions once every three weeks and that gave me a real focus on areas that I needed to improve on and helped me to refocus my day-to-day activity. So training has been fantastic in allowing me to develop my role and there is no better company that will support your career development than Quanta.

What do you love most about recruitment?

From the first day in my role until now, I still get a really big buzz from placing somebody in a role. Something I love about recruitment is the fact that I play a big part in people’s lives by advancing their careers as well as having an influence on some important sectors across the globe. Placing candidates that go on to contribute to cancer treatments and more is an honour and I just love that I can continue to do that with my role 

Networking is also a big part of the role that I enjoy. Particularly in the US, they love to network and that suits my personality well. It’s great to get out of the office, travel and meet new people is great fun. 

What is life at Quanta like? 

Life at Quanta is enjoyable, exciting and challenging all at the same time. I’m not going to beat around the bush and say that the work here is easy, but if you work hard you get the most fantastic rewards. By working hard you can truly reap the benefits at Quanta, of which there are plenty - bonuses, commission, social and team building events, and more!

 When I first joined and had my first initial chats with the team, they outlined their plans for me and the business and they have kept their word ever since. I’ve worked places where they’ve promised the world and not delivered, but that has never been the case at Quanta. 

The balance between work and life is great and I’ve been able to develop my career in a way that suits me. The ability to work from home and the office gives me balance and Quanta are always supportive of our personal needs. If you’re looking for somewhere that allows time to develop yourself and well as your professional skills, then Quanta is the place for you. 

What does the future look like for Quanta?

The future is bright and we can see how the company is growing now that the world is opening back up again. At Quanta, we have our sights set on our imminent US office opening, and after that - the sky's the limit.

We can see the excitement among the team with how we are progressing as a group and all of the opportunities that are opening up. We are continuing to grow and have a some excellent live roles at the moment - so check these out if you're looking to advance your career with a recruitment company that will give their every support to grow.

 The only place Quanta can go is up and I’m looking forward to the journey. 

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