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Learning and Development at Quanta

Kate Davis our consultant managing the role
Posted by Kate Davis
Published on 28 March 2022

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes at Quanta, most of which doesn’t necessarily get as much airtime as other areas of the company. But in no way does this mean they aren’t fundamental to what we do. Without our Learning and Development function, the remarkable career paths, progression journeys and personal successes that our team have achieved simply would not be possible. So, we’ve sat down with the wonderful Emma, the leader of the operation, to get an insight into how this function underpins the great things that we do here at Quanta.

What is your role?

I am the Learning and Development Lead for Quanta. In a nutshell, I look after all staff training and new starter inductions across the company. With 90 employees (and plans to continually grow), it is not a small job!

Investment in our future is a key value for Quanta, and we take our staff training seriously. As such, we are in the process of implementing a new online learning management system that all of our staff can access, which we’ve named ‘The Excellence Hub’. The platform will hold training materials, internal and external courses, and generally show our staff the vast catalogue of resources, pathways and opportunities that Quanta have on offer. This is a huge task, and we have many people across the business involved in getting it up and running.

What is the Learning and Development function, and what does it do at Quanta?

The Learning and Development function provides all members of staff with learning opportunities to support their career and personal goals, throughout their time at Quanta. We have a fantastic selection of sessions dedicated to harnessing emotional intelligence, setting goals, and something we love to shout about is our provision of language tuition. Learning a language is a gateway to a myriad of exciting opportunities and also supports our company’s international development. We provide the tools for our team to communicate confidently with individuals across the world which is a huge unique benefit here.

We were honoured to receive the Princess Royal Training Award – a prestigious accolade that recognises our training excellence and amazing induction programme, and for good reason: we do staff training really well. Whilst initial staff inductions are really important, Learning and Development goes beyond this, and we look after training throughout our team’s whole career. We advocate for continuous development, foster career progression and encourage job longevity.  

What opportunities are there for the Quanta team within Learning and Development?

There are SO many opportunities! Some of which include Fast Track to DE, a 7-week programme for new Delivery Executives joining the team, created to suit those with or without recruitment experience. We have the Fast Track to Future Leadership, for those moving into a leadership and management role. There is our newly refurbished MAPSTAR sales programme that utilises a fantastic external coach, Brad Shackleton, alongside modules run by some of our experienced Quanta team. We have compliance training that shares advice on GDPR, Brexit, IR35 advice and compliance requirements in international locations. On top of this, we have our soft skill and personal development modules including relationship building, emotional intelligence, ‘Knowing Your Why’, and there is an upcoming financial planning module, filled with advice on saving and budgeting, in the works.

Why is the Learning and Development function at Quanta important?

Investing in our future is a core value at Quanta, and it is something we truly live and breathe by. We are committed to investing in people throughout their career, whichever direction they choose. There’s lots of movement across the business, with structured progression pathways into sales roles, as well as business and account support functions. In Learning and Development, we provide the team with the tools, support and guidance to help them succeed.

What does a day in the life of the Learning and Development Lead look like?

Unpredictable! I have quite a reactive role; as much as we can plan for the next quarter or even year, anything can happen in that time that you just can’t anticipate! Because we have recently supercharged our hiring, a large part of my time at the moment is dedicated to staff inductions and the Fast Track to DE programme.

We are always on the lookout for new programmes and training initiatives to implement; currently, we’re exploring e-learning modules to marry with our new Learning Management System. Whilst the past 2 years have been a challenge, Covid has opened our eyes to the benefits of being online. We love learning and being with people face to face, but it is important that we respond to the times and our new workplace needs, which we hope our Excellence Hub will help do.

For those who are looking to explore a career in recruitment, there really is no competition. Our training, and continuous investment in you, is unparalleled.

Do you want to discover our Learning and Development function for yourself?

The training that we implement at Quanta means that our teams are experts in the sectors we recruit in, including Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, and Data Centres and IT.

Are you interested in the opportunities that the Learning and Development function create at Quanta? Or are you looking for your next recruitment job? Get in touch with our Talent Acquisition team today.