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International Data Centre Day

Nick Cottrell our consultant managing the role
Posted by Nick Cottrell
Published on 28 February 2022

Everything we do online – from making videos on Tik Tok, to surfing eBay for pre-loved goods, to trading in cryptocurrency – needs data. With digitalisation encroaching in on every aspect of our lives, data underpins everything we do today, and by default, so do data centres.

What is International Data Centre Day? 

International Data Centre Day was first introduced in 2019 to celebrate and enhance the public awareness of the industry. Although over 7 million data centres exist in the world, the use of internet-based applications is taken for granted in the modern world and their existence is rarely given a second thought. Raising awareness of data centres, their critical role, and the career opportunities available is a vital move to safeguard the success of the industry moving forward. The work behind this date of significance comes from 7x24 Exchange International, a not-for-profit organisation that helps professionals creatively deal with industry challenges they face.

What are data centres, and why are they so important? 

Current digital culture relies on the ability to have access to an incalculable amount of information. Surfing the web, scrolling through social media and video chatting with a long-distance friend by the press of a single button are applications that are taken for granted - and it is data centres that makes it possible. These infrastructures are integral to keeping the world connected.

In essence, data centres are physical facilities dedicated to housing computer systems and their associated components, such as storage systems. As we continue to rely upon and generate new data - up to 2.5 million terabytes per day - new data centres are continuously being planned and constructed. Not only do data centres house the hardware, but they are also responsible for data backup and recovery, hosting websites, as well as supporting cloud storage applications and online e-commerce transactions.

The careers that power data centres

From skilled IT and technology professionals to construction and engineering experts, the lifecycle of data centres is rich with career opportunities. Here are just a few data centre jobs that exist.

Infrastructure Architect: Integral to the planning and build of data centres, Infrastructure architects are responsible for the structural design, typically taking care of all supporting services - such as power and temperature control.

Construction Project Manager: The role of a Construction Project Manager is to oversee the planning and delivery of construction projects. From the initial design to final closure, construction project managers manage schedules, budgets, and cost, directly reporting to contracted vendors and consultants.

Data Centre Technician: A hands on expert that provides fundamental support through a variety of services that maximise the smooth running for hardware and data servers. Duties include monitoring network systems and hardware equipment, performing restores, installations, configurations and troubleshooting to optimise operations.

Data Centre Operations Manager: Living and breathing data centres with an expansive range of knowledge, Data Centre Manager oversee the organisation and coordination of facilities. Detailed understanding of networks, operating systems and necessary protocols are imperative to the role. Within the rapidly progressing landscape of data centres, operations managers are fundamental to help manage strategy related to facility equipment and technology

Network Engineer: Working along IT specialists, network engineers and network technicians in a data centre safeguard the overall network data security, keeping communications protected by designing, installing, and maintaining critical protective assets.

Interested in a Data Centre Job?

The demand for highly skilled individuals within data centres is constantly rising, with rates growing at 100% per year. At Quanta, we work with leading data centre clients to source candidates for roles across the globe. We engage with data centres during their infancy all the way through their growth stages, ensuring that we are supporting their expansion with the right candidates placed at the right time in the data centres' lifecycle.

If you are interested in the data centre jobs that are on the market at the moment, get in touch with our recruitment team who are happy to share their expertise and help you find your next career in data centres.