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How our Contracts and Compliance team are supporting our business success

Bhavna Dooman our consultant managing the role
Posted by Bhavna Dooman
Published on 26 May 2022

Our Contracts and Compliance team at Quanta may be small, but they are certainly mighty. Based in our Berkhamsted headquarter office, our team oversee our global operations. They ensure that the recruitment solutions we provide follow local legislative compliance, immigration regulations and policies. We are incredibly proud of our success as an international recruitment company, and this would not be the case without them. So, to get an insight into the people behind our Contracts and Compliance, and just how important there role is to Quanta, we’ve sat down with Group Legal and Compliance Manager Bhavna for a chat about her world.

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What is the function of the Contracts and Compliance Department?

We manage and mitigate the risks with all legal, compliance, immigration and tax of Quanta operations. This also includes global contracts, extensions, licences, and group policies. We are also responsible for following up with any required paperwork to ensure the company is performing compliantly.

It is our job to keep up to date with changes in legislation and ensure our policies are up to date. This doesn’t only cover Quanta policy and principles, but that of our clients and contractors too. Because of this, we work very closely with our recruitment consultants as well as our clients and contractors. We are a small team, but we are fundamental to ‘getting things done’.

We are proud to be consistently working towards a 100% contracts SLA, over 98% contracts right first time, and 100% SLA on compliance tickets answered every month.

Tell us a little about the Contracts and Compliance Team

Whilst there are only three of us at the moment, we’re hoping to grow very soon as we currently have two Contracts and Compliance Executive jobs advertised.

Sophie is our Contracts Executive, and she has complete ownership of the contract process. When a placement is made, Sophie ensures that all the due diligence and compliance is in place, raises the contract, and takes care of all the steps that ensure that the candidate can start their job. She also is responsible for extensions, audits and compliance reporting which is fundamental to ensuring our contractors are paid.

Sharon is our Commercial Manager and leads on our compliance duties. She works very closely with our Finance team on our group insurances across our four international offices, as well as being involved with client calls and supporting the day-to-day function of the team.

Then there is me, the Group Legal and Compliance Manager. I lead the team and provide support across all our compliance and contracts responsibilities. I will onboard all clients within the business by working closely with them to finalise contractual engagements. In addition, I am responsible for IR35 compliance, status determinations and reporting. We are a busy department at the moment so you will often find all three of us sharing the workload. It is very much a ‘One Team’ work ethic!

What does a day in the life look like for the Contracts and Compliance Team?

It is busy, but exciting, and truly no day is the same. At the moment, our international presence is rapidly growing so there is a lot for our department to do to ensure we are operating compliantly abroad. Who would have thought we would be getting work permits for Taiwan, but here we are! We also work with many payroll partners who operate as an Employer of Record in the locations where we are unable to directly employ contractors. Day-to-day we combat issues and seek solutions, ensuring the business runs effectively.

We’re very integrative with all of our industries and have tailored approaches that differ across the Life Sciences, Data Centres, IT and Renewable Energy teams. This makes our approach very unique.

What did the changes to IR35 mean for your department?

The introduction of the IR35 legislation change meant a lot of work for us – it was definitely a hectic time! But as a business, we worked hard on this project and now I can honestly say it runs like a well-oiled machine! We have embedded the IR35 legislation as part of our compliance process in order to make it easy for our team, candidates and clients. We also conduct status determinations with our clients and contractors to guide them through every step. Today, we successfully continue to engage with our clients and candidates, supporting them in their end-to-end process.

How does the Contracts and Compliance team go above and beyond to help clients and contractors?

The most important thing is that we love what we do, and we enjoy the day-to-day challenges that our world brings. This in turn makes celebrating our success even more fun!

We provide an all-encompassing, proactive service both internally and externally. We are one of the few teams at Quanta who work hand-in-hand with every department. Therefore, it allows us to continue to build our relationship with everyone.

Over time, our small department has proved that we have the expert knowledge that is required, and I am so proud with how far we have come as one unit.

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