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How does language tuition benefit our business and employees

Kate Davis our consultant managing the role
Posted by Kate Davis
Published on 19 July 2022

From improving social confidence, to enhancing memory and cognition, and opening up a world of new opportunities - there are many professional and personal reasons to take up a new language. It is a popular route of self-development that can have a huge impact on your career, with specialist multilingual recruitment experts Euro London noting that employees with a second or third language  can earn up to 15% higher than a monolingual employee.

At Quanta, we recognise the benefits of language tuition, and have included free language modules as an option for any of our team to take advantage of. But how is our language tuition benefiting our team and our business? We chat with Learning and Development Manager Emma, and our language students about Quanta’s unique language tuition offering.


How does language tuition benefit Quanta?

Our language tuition has a host of advantages for Quanta and the team. We've seen how fantastically our language modules are engaging our staff members and how it is helping with their development both personally and professional. Learning and Development is something close to our hearts at Quanta; it is one of our core values to invest in our company and our employees’ future. Benefits like this are great for staff retention and increased employee satisfaction. As an international recruitment company, our language tuition also helps support important business functions. Being able to make an introduction and have an initial conversation in our clients', candidates' and suppliers' language helps break down communication barriers and is a fantastic way to make a good first impression.


Why did Quanta start to offer language tuition?

We originally introduced language tuition in 2016 because we recognised the need to develop our colleagues' language skills for our candidates' and clients' benefit. Since then, it has become much more than this and we have people across the company who are using the opportunity to learn a language for personal reasons too. The skills that they develop from these tuition modules last a lifetime and it requires each colleague to make a huge commitment to learn. We've found it to be a huge success, it has enriched our working environment and our tutors are simply fantastic.


Do you think the number of languages will increase?

Currently we offer German, Spanish and French and we would really like to increase this, but we couldn’t say with any certainty what languages we will commit to. Because our language tuition is not limited to business needs, we are open to staff members approaching with a new language they would like to learn for their own reasons. However, we are looking at offering advanced English tuition in the future. We recruit internationally and have multilingual staff members, so having additional English tuition will be helpful to strengthen areas on written communication for our colleagues who are looking for extra support.

Who teaches the language lessons?

We have three external teachers that visit our head office to teach our modules. Our students have all agreed that the classroom, in person tuition really enhances their experience and learning. Marian is our Spanish tutor, Vania is our French tutor and Evelyn is our German tutor.

I am Spanish, and I was born in Bilbao in the Basque Country of Spain. After studying Humanities for 3 years, I qualified as a teacher in the University of Bilbao. I taught Spanish GCSE, A Levels and Business in Spain, France and England.


 I am from the South of France (Beziers). I originally came to England in 1996 for 6 months to perfect my English but loved it so much I stayed. After a baccalaureat in 3 languages and degree in hotel and catering, I received many requests from friends and family and began tuition on the side of my hospitality career. I am now the French language Assistant in the 2 best schools in Hemel Hempstead, but I also teach privately to adults and children on a 121 basis or as a group. 


What our colleagues had to say

The learning style and topics that we cover - travel, fashion and so on is really helpful as I aim to get better at a conversational level. I like the fact that I can use my language sessions as soon as we start the lesson, and I speak it for the full 60 minutes, and I feel so much more confident at the end of the lesson. 

 Our tutor uses great repetition to ensure we have got all the information and I really enjoy the lessons. 

 The lessons are very well organised and progressive. They are varied and keep you thinking. 

Benefits of joining Quanta

Language tuition is just one of our many benefits at Quanta part of QCS. To find out more of our benefits and our internal vacancies, visit here, or get in touch with our Josi our Talent Acquisition partner to talk through our opportunities.