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Where business trips at Quanta can take you

Adam Chaumeton our consultant managing the role
Published on 12 September 2022

A job that takes you around the world. That’s the stuff dreams are made of, right? Well, here at Quanta, we are making those dreams come true.

As a truly global organisation, with 4 international offices, networks of contractors across the world and expert knowledge of key locations, we operate with a ‘world is our oyster’ attitude.

Whilst our jet setting took a hiatus in 2020 – 2021, we are excited to say that we are back in the air and continuing to expand our horizons. Here is a look back at where we have been over the years, our fondest memories – and a taste of where business trips at Quanta can take you.

Quanta’s International Mobilisation

We are a recruitment consultancy that is not afraid to go the distance, and there is nothing we value more than face-to-face, human interaction. Fortunately, because of our established global presence, this has meant we have been granted many opportunities to visit some fantastic places across the world alongside our clients.

During the pandemic, flights were grounded, and it was a tough time for much of the team. From being used to boarding a plane and visiting project sites and client head offices, we retreated to zoom meetings and video calling to reaffirm our client and candidate relationships. Whilst we are grateful for advancements in technology that support our business, we couldn’t wait for the day that we were able to see our clients in the flesh once again.

Over the years we have travelled far and wide – North America, Asia, Africa, as well as countless visits to our partners across Europe and Ireland. Our Quanta passport is brimming with stamps! Some of our most notable locations include The Bahamas, Reykjavik, The Philippines and India – and there are more we plan to tick off from our list over the coming years.

Memories from the team

We spoke to some members of the team that have been part of our global visits – here are some of the memories they’ve collected as part of Quanta’s international recruitment team.

Dave, about his trip to Dublin, Ireland:

I have been very fortunate to travel the globe over the past 20 years representing Quanta, all of which have afforded me the opportunity to understand client and country cultures so that we can source them the right candidates. One memory that stands out was in the Summer of 2006. Picture the scene: England are playing in the World Cup and we’re hosting a candidate event with 75+ people in Dublin. You can imagine the jokes exchanged across the ninety minutes! Thankfully, England won, and the entertainment carried on until the early hours of the morning. It was a memorable event and one which I feel helped cement Quanta’s reputation as the leading CapEx service provider in Ireland.


Caroline, about her trips to Stavanger, Norway:

I have been lucky enough to visit Stavanger a few times. The location itself is beautiful and very strange in the summer and it doesn’t get dark until 11pm. Our client that we visited made medical diagnostic dolls that were used by hospitals and armed forces all over the world, and they allowed us to see the equipment first hand. It was fascinating!

I too have made countless business trips to Ireland (probably in the hundreds now). The fact that Quanta encourage us to visit our clients face to face this has meant that I really get to know the candidates and clients we support on a personal level. It’s one of the best things about my job and I am so happy the world is normal, and we can get back out there.


Alex, about his trips to Valencia, Spain:

I’ve experienced a few business trips over the years and the most memorable and enjoyable has got to be Valencia. There's nothing I enjoy more than meeting with the team face to face to strengthen and maintain our relations. It is a fantastic city for entertaining the troops too - with some amazing restaurants and bars and ridiculously affordable prices compared to the UK!

Any visit is also a great opportunity to soak up some of the year-round sunshine, to enjoy the excellent beaches, tour the historic areas and modern architectural wonders, devour the delicious food, sip sangria and mix up the view from Quanta HQ!


Nicolle, about her trip to Chennai, India:

I visited Chennai when Quanta were supporting a large remediation project with one of our global pharma clients. The team of consultants I had built for the project came from all over Mainland Europe, Ireland, UK, USA and Australia! We stayed at a 5* Hilton hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking the city alongside the contractors working on the project - part of the expense package from the client. We ate some amazing local cuisines at other 5* restaurants whilst hosting business meetings and client / contractor entertainment that week.

It was fantastic to be part of the client meetings at the actual site of the project. Being able to travel to Chennai with Quanta meant that I gained invaluable experience dealing with global stakeholders as well as individual site managers.


Our US adventure

We aren’t stopping at short trips around the globe at Quanta – we’re putting down even more permanent routes across the Atlantic. As such, some of the team has managed to squeeze a few trips to the states to put together a blueprint to get our new office up and running. Annabel, one of the team that will be heading up our American office, has shared some of her business trip memories over in the US.

Annabel, about her trips to North Carolina:

Before Quanta, I had never been to the USA and in the past year I’ve been there twice! It was amazing to be offered the opportunity to see a new part of the world as part of my job. On our first trip I was expecting beautiful weather – only to be greeted with a tornado warning and huge thunderstorm. Whilst it wasn’t the welcome I was expecting, we dived into a microbrewery and seized the chance to check out the local food and beer. Later in the trip, we visited a stunning sushi and burger bar where we told the staff it was our CEO, Spencer’s birthday. They came out with a HUGE gong, maracas, tambourine and the whole restaurant got involved singing to him!

We’ve got everything in motion for ‘Team America’ – watch this space for Quanta’s brand-new journey.

Join international Quanta

From eating reindeer in Finland, getting stuck in a revolving door in Ireland (okay Caz...), paddling in the Pacific in the Philippines, touring sites in Norway and eating sushi next to wild sharks in the Bahamas, we'd say our business trips so far have been a success. But there are plenty more horizons to discover - and you can be a part of it. Are you looking for a recruitment job that has the potential to take you around the world? Check out our internal vacancies here or get in touch with our talent acquisition team for more information.