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Sourcing Senior Level Staffing Solutions

Ashley Campbell our consultant managing the role
Published on 12 December 2022


Our client, a global data centre group owner and operator, were looking for a recruitment partner to supply candidates for senior level roles within their $300 million new-build data centre campus project in Germany. 


New to the European market, our client had purchased land for a vast new Data Centre facility build in a remote location in Germany. During the early stages of construction, a need was identified for additional senior staff to be brought onto the project management teams. We identified the following challenges:

1. A lack of industry experience in the local workforce

2. A difficult, remote area to recruit for 

3. A lack of candidates searching FTE (permanent roles)


1. Qualified client requirements: joined virtual weekly catch-up calls and, after an initial canvas of local talent with a dedicated German-speaking Delivery Executive, agreed with the client to search for candidates further afield and with alternative mission critical experience.

2. Location guidance: collaborated with our contracts and compliance team to create a new compliance solution for Germany, whereby the candidate was set up as a freelancer in the  country, provided relevant insurances, supported with taxes and paid in local currency. 

3. Candidate pools: utilised our database, network connections, LinkedIn and specialist job boards to create senior, technical specific candidate pools from mission critical backgrounds. Backgrounds sourced from include pharmaceuticals, power stations and gigafactories.

4. Exclusivity partnership proposal: to dedicate more resources to the project, Quanta won an exclusivity partnership, building a standalone data centre team of 4 delivery executives dedicated to sourcing candidates.

5. Rate Card: savings were demonstrated to the client through engaging and agreeing rates with the consultants rather than outsourcing to a construction consultancy.


We supplied senior level contract staff across the construction, project controls and engineering teams for our client’s project. Due to the volume of demand, we also partnered with our client’s general contractor to supply further contractors to support an additional 23 projects (support additional projects) on the campus. 

1. Sourced and placed 4 Senior Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

2. Sourced and placed 15 Project Managers across construction and project controls from 6 countries

3. Offered and secured an exclusive partnership, building a standalone data centre team

4. Were recommended to the general contractor where we made further successful placements

5. Supplied additional senior level contract support for 23 further projects within the campus build